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Faculty developmenter

Throughout the year, the Course Development team offers several brown bag sessions, workshops, and seminars as well as individual consultations.


TnL Brown Bags

Offered twice a month throughout the year, these brown bag sessions are designed to give "new" and current RPI faculty a chance to discuss a wide variety of instructional issues.

For more information, contact: Marie-Pierre Huguet, (518) 276-6325,

Blended Learning Technologies Seminar

Designed by RPI faculty for RPI faculty, this blended, intensive seminar guides faculty in their integration of the RPI LMS and emerging technologies in their face-to-face classroom. Delivered mostly online, it is highly customized to meet the specific needs of each participant.

For more information, contact: Marie-Pierre Huguet, (518) 276-6325,

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Last updated - 06/13/08