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What is blended learning? What is hybrid instruction? Are "blended" and "hybrid" synonyms? This page offers the most current definitions and as well as a wide variety of resources and articles about blended learning. Read more ...

RPILMS Tools and Features

One of the main tools available on campus for blended learning is RPILMS. This page, from this site's RPILMS section, proposes guidance and recommendations on which RPILMS Tools and features to select, and why. Read more ...

Blended Learning Technologies Seminar

This page, from the Faculty Development section , provides information about the month-long seminar on blended learning technologies offered by the course development team, three times a year. Read more ...

Emerging Technologies

This page, part of the Instructional Tools section, reviews established educational technologies and introduces emerging technologies. Read more ...

Synchronous Tools

This page, also part of the Instructional Tools section, proposes various ways to communicate in real-time be it through the use of Web conferencing tools, voice over IP packages, or by videoconferencing. Read more ...




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