Alumni Hall of Fame

C. Sheldon Roberts
C. Sheldon Roberts
Inducted October 1999

C. Sheldon Roberts

Class of 1948
Engineer, Semiconductor Pioneer

Sheldon Roberts was at the forefront of pioneering research that spawned the microelectronics industry.

A researcher in physical metallurgy and solid-state physics, he emerged in the 1950s as a member of the “Fairchild 8,” a group who originally worked together at Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory. Favoring silicon over germanium as a semiconductor material, they left to found Fairchild Semiconductor, the first company to manufacture integrated circuits. At Fairchild, Roberts was responsible for silicon crystal production.

Later he founded Amelco Semiconductor, now a division of Teledyne Inc., where he developed solid-state transducers and an epitaxial silicon wafer program.

Roberts has been a consultant in materials and processes for the aerospace, electronic materials, metals, and microelectronics industries.

An honorary trustee of Rensselaer, he has devoted himself to the Institute as a benefactor, volunteer, and trusted adviser.