Alumni Hall of Fame

John M. Lockhart
John M. Lockhart
Inducted September 1998

John M. Lockhart

Class of 1887
Steel Maker, Banker, Philanthropist

Son of one of the founders of Standard Oil, Lockhart lived his life as a Pittsburgh financier, steel maker, and benefactor with a passion for anonymity.

Only after his death was it discovered by most that he had contributed in excess of $5 million to Rensselaer over the years under the pseudonym “Builder.”

His donations funded land acquisition and five buildings among other things. Wrote P.C. Ricketts: “...he must understand that these buildings, and the great funds he has established, are not for today only, but that their use will be extended, for ages to educate young men from many states and countries...some of them to become great men exerting powerful influences for good and for the advancement of knowledge.”