Alumni Hall of Fame

Clay Patrick Bedford
Clay Patrick Bedford
Inducted September 1998

Clay Patrick Bedford

Class of 1924
Industrialist, Engineer, Manager

In his distinguished career with Kaiser Industries, with which he rose to become a corporate director and president of Kaiser Aerospace & Electronics Corp., Bedford was manager for a host of large-scale construction projects, including: chief engineer for the construction of Central Highway in Cuba; transportation superintendent for construction of Boulder Dam; and general superintendent for construction for the Grand Coulee and Bonneville dams.

His reputation as an efficiency expert soared after he supervised the construction of a World War II Liberty Ship in four days and 15 minutes.

In five years, he oversaw the production of 727 ships, which directly contributed to the winning of the war.

In the Korean War era, he was called to Washington as special assistant to the Director of Defense Mobilization, and later became assistant to the Secretary of Defense for production.

He was an advocate of the application of technology to classroom instruction at Rensselaer where he spearheaded the development of the Communications Center.