Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame cont.

Inducted September 2005

Don L. Anderson
Garnet Douglass Baltimore
Robert Woolston Hunt
Chauncey Starr

Don L. Anderson - Deep-Earth Researcher (1933-2014)
Garnet Douglass Baltimore - Landscape Engineer (1859-1946)
Robert Woolston Hunt - Metallurgist, Trustee (1838-1923)
Chauncey Starr - Electric Power Visionary (1913-2007)

Inducted September 2003

Myles N. Brand
Lois Graham
Douglass Houghton
Walter E. Irving
Howard P. Isermann
J. Christopher Jaffe
Robert Resnick
John L. Swigert Jr.

Myles N. Brand - Leader in Higher Education (1942-2009)
Lois Graham - Engineering Education Leader (1925-2013)
Douglass Houghton - Geologist (1809-1845)
Walter E. Irving - Engineer, Inventor, Manager (1874-1958)
Howard P. Isermann - Sunscreen Developer, Trustee (1921-)
J. Christopher Jaffe - International Acoustician (1927-)
Robert Resnick - World-Famous Physics Educator (1923-2014)
John L. Swigert Jr. - Astronaut (1931-1982)

Inducted September 2001

Edwin Bryant Crocker
Frederick Grinnell
Eben N. Horsford
Theodore Dehone Judah
Raymond S. Tomlinson
Alan M. Voorhees
William H. Wiley
John Flack Winslow

Edwin Bryant Crocker - Western Railroad Pioneer (1818-1875)
Frederick Grinnell - Pioneer in Fire Safety (1836-1905)
Eben N. Horsford - Inventor, Educator, Chemist, Discoverer of Baking Powder (1818-1893)
Theodore Dehone Judah - Transcontinental Railroad Visionary (1826-1863)
Raymond S. Tomlinson - Inventor of Network Electronic Mail (1941-2016)
Alan M. Voorhees - Innovator in Urban Planning and Traffic Forecasting (1922-2005)
William H. Wiley - Giant of Scientific and Technical Publishing (1842-1925)
John Flack Winslow - Iron Manufacturer, Steel Pioneer Rensselaer Trustee and President (1810-1892)