Rensselaer's highly respected terahertz (THz) research faculty and students are working to overcome the most pressing technical challenges inhibiting the wider commercial use of T-rays, particularly within biomedicine and information technology (IT). Research within each of the four labs at the Center for Terahertz (THz) Research is focused on solving a particular piece of the THz puzzle: THz Optoelectronics lab is developing THz instrumentation and systems; THz Electronics is working to develop devices that make up THz systems; THz Quantum Optics is focused on physical concepts and fundamental science of the THz band; and THz Spectroscopy is developing applications for THz systems. The following is a sampling of research projects underway at the THz center:

THz Optoelectronics

THz Electronics
Solid-State Electronics

THz Quantum Optics
Quantum Optics

THz Spectroscopy
Time-domain Spectroscopy and Ultra-fast Spectroscopy