Terahertz (THz) Research Center List of Equipment

From powerful Titan sapphire lasers to the world's most advanced THz spectroscopy systems, the four labs at Rensselaer's Center for Terahertz Research are equipped with the most sophisticated facilities for generating, measuring and recording picosecond and femtosecond T-ray signals. The major equipment employed at the center includes:


  • Titan-sapphire lasers
    • 12fs, 750-840nm
    • 50fs, 760-840nm
    • 80fs, 720-850nm
    • 80fs, 750-850nm, turnkey system
    • 130fs, 1-kHz amp./800µj pulses
    • 200fs, 720-810nm
    • 200fs, 250-kHz amp./2µJ
  • Liconix CW Helium Cadmuim Laser
  • Quantel UV Pulse Laser System

Spectroscopy Systems

  • Time-domain THz transmission spectrometer with closed cycle cryostat (20K-300K)
  • Convertible transmission-reflection time-domain THz spectrometer
  • PL Spectrometer System
  • Spex 1704 spectrometer
  • MMR Low Temperature System

Optical Tables

  • (8) Vibration isolated optical tables (total 320 sq. ft.)

Oscillation Systems/Oscilloscopes

  • 200 GHz and 600 GHz Precise and Adjustable GUNN Oscillation Systems
  • Tektronix TDS 220 Two-Channel Digital Real-time Oscilloscope
  • 130fs Synchronously pumped parametric oscillator ranging from 1.34-1.6 µm at 82 MHz
  • HP 54111D Digital Oscilloscopes
  • (5) Digital Oscilloscopes


  • Biomedical laser microscope
  • IntelPlay Microscope


  • (10) SRS lock-in amplifiers SR830
  • EG&G pre-amplifier
  • PI LVPZT Piezo amplifier


  • Femtosecond optical
    pump-probe — set up for
    transient reflectivity/transmission
    and four-wave mixing
  • Precise probe station
  • Maury microwave probe station
  • EDWARDS RV12 Vane vacuum pump
  • EDWARDS Ta12042 Picodry Turbo vacuum pump


  • General purpose PCs/Laptops
  • LabView®
  • Visual Basic
  • PK Graph

Other Equipment

  • UV Photoluminescence measurement system
  • Low Temperature THz Detection and Emission Systems
  • Pentamax frame transform, real-time CCD and 16-bit CCD camera
  • Fluke/Keithly Multimeters
  • Cryocompressors
  • AQ6317B Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Analyzers
  • Bolometers