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Awards & Grants

Albany Medical College Physicians Group

  • B. Roysam; Neurovascular Stem Cell Niche in the Adult SVZ; $86,400

Albany Bureau of Shipping

  • M. Grabowski; ABS Leading Indicators of Safety; $89,000

Celanese Ventures GmbH

  • B. Benicewicz; PBI Film Fabrication Variables and Resulting Properties; $80,000

Crystal IS, Inc.

  • N. Patibandla, F. Schubert; Development of High-Quality AIN and AIGaN Epitaxial Films with a Low Dislocation Density

Department of Education

  • K. Ferrer-Muniz; Rensselaer CSTEP 2006-2007; $409,631 

Energy Research and Development Authority

  • B. Benicewicz, W. Bequette, S. Derby, G. Eisman, M. Jensen, R. Puffer, S. Rock, L. Feist; A Partnership for Development of NYS Fuel Cell Related Company; $200,000
  • M. Rea; Innovative, Energy-Efficient Lighting for NYS Roadways; $50,000 
  • R. Leslie; Partnership Agreement; $120,000 

Federal Aviation Administration

  • N. Narendran; Air Transportation Center of Excellence; $150,000 

General Electric

  • J. McDonald; Design of SiGe 8HP Circuits for Milimeter Wave at 77 GHz; $50,000 

Georgia Institute of Technology

  • P. Ajayan, T. Borca-Tasciuc, T. Cale, R. Ganapathiraman, Y. Lecoz, J. Lu, S. Nayak, T. Zhang ; Interconnect Focus Center for Hyper-Integration; $128,490

Hewlett Packard Co.

  • M. Shur; Modeling and characterization of ZnO and a-Si Thin Film transistors; $79,135


  • T. Chow; Power and Energy Consortium; $75,000 

IGC SuperPower

  • P. Dutta, N. Patibandla; Development of Selective Chemical Etchants Suitable for Striation of Silver Film on YBCO Superconducting Tapes; $50,616

Georgia Institute of Technology

  • A. Pulickel, T. Borca-Tasciuc, T. Cale, R. Ganapathiraman, Y. Lecoz, J. Lu, S. Nayak,           T. Zhang ; Interconnect Focus Center for Hyper-Integration ; $128, 490

Hewlett Packard Co.

  • M. Shur; Modeling and Characterization of Zn0 and a-Sc Thin Film Transistors; $79,135 


  • T-S. Chow; Power and Energy Consortium; $75,000

IGC Superpower

  • P. Dutta, N. Patibandla; Development of Selective Chemical Etchants Suitable for Striation of Silver Film on YBCO Superconducting Tapes; $50,616

Institute for Quality Management

  • C. Stewart; PRIMUS Project; $350,000

Johns Hopkins University

  • X-C. Zhang; Terahertz-Based, In-Situ and Remote, Trace Explosives Detection Technologies; $117,513

KAPL, Inc.

  • R. Block, Y. Danon; Neutron Cross Section Measurements; $100,000
  • K. Jansen, R. Lahey; The Analysis of Annular Two-Phase Flows; $53,646
  • G. Saulnier, H. Scarton; A Low Temperature and Low Pressure Ultrasonic Through-Wall Communication (UTWC) System; $234,404
  • S. Salon; Electromagnetic Analysis of Squirrel Cage Rotors with Defects; $99,544

March of Dimes

  • A. Page-McCaw; Elucidating How an MMP Regulates Cell Adhesion in Drosophilla; $150,000


  • R. Puffer, S. Rock; Development of an Automated Multi-Plane Wax Tree Assembly System for Investment Casting (Phase 1 Feasibility Investigation); $75,000

National Science Foundation

  • R. Radke, CAREER: Distributed Active Processing on Hundred-Camera Networks (DAPHNE); $88,961
  • B. Watson; Accessory Minerals and Crustal Processes; $113,424
  • S. Roecker; Collaborative Research: Imaging the Upper Mantle Beneath the Western Tibetan Plateau; $152,517
  • C. Ryu; CAREER: Polymer Absorption and Transport in Nanopores; $89,000
  • S. Roecker; Collaborative Research: Targeting the Phase III SAROD Drilling; $67,389
  • A. Garcia; Theoretical and Computational Studies of Pressure Induced Denaturation of Proteins; $182,141
  • P. Drineas; CAREER: A Framework for Mining Multimode, Non-Homogeneous Tensor Data Sets with Linear and Non-Linear Degrees of Freedom; $75,811
  • R. Eglash, M. Krishnamoorthy; Collaborative Research: Improving Minority Student Participation in the Computing Career Pipeline with Culturally Situatee Design Tools; $319,196
  • D. Cherniak, J. Price; Fluorine-Hydroxyl Diffusion in Fluorine-Bearing Rock-Forming Materials; $300,000
  • J. Paluh; Kinesin-Like Proteins in the Mitotic Mechanism; $131,990
  • W. Chan; CAREER: Robust Modeling and Analysis of Discrete-Event Dynamic Systems; $400,000
  • D. Gall; CAREER: Nanostructure Growth from the Vapor Phase; $73,728

NEES Consortium, Inc.

  • T. Abdoun, R. Dobry, T. Zimmie; NEES Consortium Operation: 2004-2014; $125,417

National Institutes of Health

  • R. Palazzo; Centrosome Maturation in Vitro; $222,955
  • J. Dordick, S. Garde; High-Throughput Solid-Phase Combinatorial Biocatalysis; $547,450
  • R. Ferland; The Genetics of Joubert Syndrome; $131,511
  • R. Linhardt; Stable Carbohydrate Libraries in Infectious Disease; $325,654
  • W. Colon; Mechanism and Structural Basis of Amyloid Fibril Formation by Serum Amyloid A; $232,884

Northeastern University

  • K. Bennett, D. Isaacson, J. Newell, R. Radke, B. Roysam, G. Saulnier, C. Stewart, B. Yazici, X-C. Zhang; ERC in Subsurface Sensing and Imaging; $700,425

Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

  • A. Maniatty; Fatigue Modeling of Polycrystalline Metal Alloys Base on Microstructure Phenomena; $116,667

On2 Technologies Inc.

  • J. Woods; Investigation of Scalability Tools in the New SVC Coder of MPEG; $78,890


  • S. Derby, R. Puffer, D. Walczyk; Celanese – MEA Phase 4; $90,000

Power Systems Research Consortium

  • M. Arcak, J. Chow; Power System Research Consortium; $200,000

Research Foundation of CUNY

  • R. Leslie, C. O’Rourke; A Decision Support Tool To Assess Importance of Transportation Facilities; $50,000

Sandia Corporation

  • S. Lin, E. Schubert, C. Wetzel; Nanoengineering for Solid State Lighting: A Strategic Partnership with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; $170,000

Sensitron Semiconductor

  • J. Sun; Development of High-Performance PFC Converters; $90,000

Simmetrix Inc.

  • A. Maniatty; Polycrystalline Microstructure Reconstruction and Meshing; $100,000

Society for Technical Communication

  • A. Bennett, C. Geisler, R. Grice, R. Krull, P. Search, J. Zappen; Usable Content in a Post-Document World; $142,362

Stanford University

  • K. Jansen, W. Schroeder, M. Shepard; ITR/AP: Simulation-Based Medical Planning for Cardiovascular Disease; $124,502

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

  • L. Lawrence; Campus Suicide Prevention Grant; $74,790

Toyota Inc.

  • T. Chow; Study on Novel Structures for GaN Power Devices; $160,000

Troy Research Corporation

  • E. F. Schubert; Titania-Loaded Encapsulants with High Refractive Index; $150,000

United States Air Force

  • N. Cassimatis; An Architecture Form Modeling the Mechanisms of Probabilistic Inference in Robust Cognition and Decision; $103,632
  • M. Oehlschlaeger; Young Investigator Research Program Experimental Study of the Oxidation, Ignition, and Soot Formation Characteristics of Jet Fuels; $95,339

United States Army

  • S. Kalyanaraman, J. Woods; Joint Source-Network Video Coding for Wireless; $75,544
  • J. Flaherty, M. Shephard; Adaptive Multiscale Analysis of Deposition Processes; $100,000
  • T. Abdoun; Centrifuge Modeling of New Orleans Levee Performance; $50,000
  • Q. Ji; Efficient Effect-Based Military Planning; $78,041
  • T. Abdoun, R. Dobry; Centrifuge Modeling of Tunnel Vulnerability and Mitigation Systems; $230,000

United States Navy

  • W. Siegmann; Shallow Water Propagation; $110,000
  • L. Castillo; Investigation of the Initial Conditions and Surface Roughness in Turbulent Boundary Layers; $68,073
  • J. McLaughlin; Ultrasound and MR Based Tissue Mechanical Property Recovery; $99,227
  • K. Bennett, J.S. Pang; Bilevel Programming of Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery; $110,000

University of Dayton

  • P. Ajayan; Fabrication of Carbon Nanotubes Based Dry Adhesive Surfaces Mimicking Gecko-Feet; $75,000

University of Florida

  • P. Ajayan, T. Blanchet, L.V. Interrante, L. Schadler Feist; Multifunctional Tribological Coatings for Space Applications; $76,784

U.S. Dept. of Energy

  • D. Steiner; Advanced Design Studies; $100,000
  • K.A. Connor, D.R. Demers, P.M. Schoch; Application of a Heavy Ion Beam Probe on the Madison Symmetric Torus; $243,000
  • E.F. Schubert, C.M. Wetzel; High Performance Green LEDs by Homoepitaxial MOVPE; $60,000
  • B.W. Bequette, J.H. Chow, L.L. Martin; Model Predicitive Control of Intefrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants; $189,000

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

  • T.S. Chow; Development of High-Density Integrated Ac-Fed Motor Controller; $62,000
  • T.S. Chow, J. Sun; Center for Power Electronics Systems; $336,325
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