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Research Awards & Grants: Spring 2005

(Listed by agency)

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
S. Bringsjord, W. Gray; National Imagery and Mapping Agency’s Novel Intelligence from Massive Data (NIMD); $346,800

Dormitory Authority State of New York
A. Sanderson; GEN-NY-SYS Center for Bioengineering and Medicine; $10,750,000

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
N. Young; Investigate the Extent to Which Ethnic Entrepreneurs use their Networks to Engage in the Entrepreneurial Process; $57,500

Georgia Institute of Technology
Z. Rusak; Direct Small-Scale Forcing in Turbulent Free Shear Flows; $70,942

Hellenic American Union
D. Millard; HAU Software Development; $131,973

T.S. Chow; Power and Energy Consortium; $160,600

R. Gutmann, J. Lu, J. McDonald, O. Nalamasu; Part I: Computation and Memory Bandwidth Throttling Technology Issues, Part II: Wafer to Wafer Alignment and Planarization Constraints for Wafer-Level 3D Ics; $202,000

ITT Industries
B. Yener; Active Access Control for Insider Threat Detection and Response in Wireless Networks; $72,000

Johns Hopkins University
X. C. Zhang; Terahertz-Based, In-Situ and Remote, Trace Explosives Detection Technologies; $145,716

R. Block, Y. Danon; Neutron Cross Section Measurements; $120,000

R. Block; LINAC Use; $150,000

G. Saulnier; H. Scarton; Ultrasonic Through-Wall Communication; $60,000

Kintz Plastic Inc.
D. Walczyk; Developing a Large-Scale Rapid Tooling Capability; $57,433

Lockheed Martin Co. /Martin Marietta Corp.
X. C. Zhang; Development of Portable Terahertz System and Millimeter Wave Detection; $50,000

NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
J. Ferris, S. Nierzwicki-Bauer, W. Roberge, D. Whittet; Origins of Life: Interstellar Molecules to Introns; $983,712

New York State
D. Walczyk; Research and Development of a Weight Bearing Indicator; $50,000

S. Lin; The Faculty Development Program; $750,000

O. Nalamasu; Future Energy Systems Center for Advanced Technology; $999,925

L. Rubenfeld; The Development and Implementation of Middle Grades, Standards-Based, Mathematics Initiative; $118,750

NIH (National Institutes of Health)
J. Dordick, S. Garde; High-Throughput Solid-Phase Combinatorial Biocatalysis; $689,846

W. Colon; The Role of SOD Misfolding/Aggregation in Familial ALS; $240,360

Northeastern University
K. Bennett, D. Isaacson, J. Newell, R. Radke, B. Roysam, G. Saulnier, C. Stewart, B. Yazici,

X.C. Zhang; ERC in Subsurface Sensing & Imaging; $707,500

NSF (National Science Foundation)
S. Garde; CAREER Self-Assembly Through Water-Mediated Interactions; $74,798

R. Radke; CAREER Distributed Active Processing on Hundred-Camera Networks (DAPHNE); $83,059

K. Kar; CAREER Local Information Based Distributed Optimization of Resources in Large-Scale Adhoc and Sensor Networks; $75,606

S. Akella; CAREER Manipulation and Motion Planning of Articulated Objects; $84,599

C. Varela; CAREER Middleware and Programming Technology for Grid Computing; $400,000

E. B. Watson; Experimental Studies in Petrologic and Geochemical Kinetics; $106,671

E. B. Watson; Accessory Minerals and Crustal Processes; $113,884

S. Roecker; Collaborative Research: Imaging the Upper Mantle Beneath the Western Tibetan Plateau; $132,334

J. Pyle; Thermal Structure of the Central New England Acadian-to-Alleghenian Metamorphic High, Through Regional Correlation of Accessory-Phase Paragenesis; $156,793

C. Ryu; CAREER Polymer Absorption and Transport in Nanopores; $89,000

G. C. Wang; REU Site in Physics; $70,049

Plug Power
B. Benicewicz; Research and Development for Fuel Cells for Stationary and Automotive Applications; $160,000

Regents of the University of California
R. Kane; Molecular Engineering of AAV for Stealth and Targeting; $84,764

Rockefeller University
G. Belfort; Virtual Gating Machines: A New Technology for Protein Purification; $71,323

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd.
E. F. Schubert; High-Efficiency Light Emitting Diodes with Omni-Directional Reflectors and Vertical Current Flow; $164,628

Sandia Corporation
J. Fish; Global Basis Method for Fluid Problems; $52,832

Severn Trent Laboratories Inc.
S. Nierzwicki-Bauer; Low-Level Nutrient Analyses; $110,137

St. Vincent Catholic Medical Center
R. Leslie; Induct Ultraviolet Air System Demonstration; $60,000

Stryker Corporation
E. Ledet; Microsystem Technology in Musculoskeletal Repair; $254,500

Syracuse University
T. Apple, L. Castillo; The Central New York to Puerto Rico-Mayaguez (CNR_PR) Alliance for Graduate Education; $135,000

Touch Graphics Inc.
J. Watt; SBIR/STTR Phase II: Creating Assessible Science Museums for Blind and Visually Impaired Visitors with User-Activated Audio Beacons; $80,000

United States Air Force
W. Gray; Computational Cognitive Modeling of Adaptive Choice Behavior in a Dynamic Decision Paradigm; $172,895

M. Cheney; Radar Remote Sensing and Target Identification; $84,972

United States Army
P. Ajayan, P. Hajela, N. Koratkar; Multifunctional Carbon Nanotube Damping Films; $71,779

C. Lim; Computational and Exact Strategies for Statistical Equilibrium Closures in Axisymmetric Jet Turbulence; $78,000

United States Department of Energy
D. Steiner; Advanced Design Studies; $100,000

D. Wark, E. B. Watson; Transport Phenomena; $207,871

United States Department of the Interior
J. Flaherty; USGS-RPI Cooperative Agreement; $565,774

United States Environmental Protection Agency
G. Belfort, J. Kilduff; Graft Polymerization as a Route to Control Nanofiltration Membrane Surface Properties to Manage Risk of EPA Candidate Contaminants and Reduce NOM Fouling; $232,602

United States Navy
S. Salon; Magnetic Signatures of Electron Motors; $108,000

G. Dvorak; Enhancement of Blast Resistance of Sandwich Plans; $70,000

W. Siegmann; Transmission Loss and Signal Coherence in Shallow Water Waveguides; $62,071

W. Siegmann; Ocean Acoustic Propagation Over Elastic Sediments; $59,355

University of Florida
P. Ajayan, T. Blanchet, L. Interrante, L. Feist Shadler; Multifunctional Tribological Coatings for Space Applications; $84,432

University of Rochester
W. von Maltzahn; Modular Packaging Platform for Multisensor Systems; $137,358

University of Virginia
G. Peterson; Modeling and Simulation Tools for the Evaluation of Passive Jet Blast Deflection Concepts; $72,000


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