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Folsom Library, VCC after-hours access restrictions

Beginning Monday, January 24, patrons wishing to enter either the Folsom Library or the VCC after 9:00pm will require a current Rensselaer ID for automatic admission.

As part of the campuswide security program, video cameras and access control have recently been installed at the Folsom Library's entrance and exit doors. Patrons having a current Rensselaer ID card may use it for automatic admission after 9:00pm. Members of the Rensselaer community without current Rensselaer ID cards, or any library patrons without any Rensselaer affiliation, may request admission to the building via an intercom and will be required to display a picture ID and sign a visitor registration log.

VCC patrons will be required to use a similar Rensselaer ID card reader -- located immediately to the right of the main entrance -- in order to gain access to the building between 9:00pm and 7:00am. However, no intercom is in place to otherwise request admission during this time period.