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On the Bookshelf: Recent Books by Alumni Authors

Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek

David Weiss ’65, 2008

The year is 1983, and the western South Carolina village of Cedar Creek with its racially embittered past and depressed economy has begun to change, but far too slowly for Lauren Worthington, a reporter for the Cedar Creek Chronicle. Her father’s plans to construct a shopping mall, her boyfriend’s staunch opposition to it, and her boss’s lapse of ethical principles lead to arson, accusations, and threats, ending with a bizarre courtroom drama that forces all concerned to re-examine not only their positions but also themselves.

David Weiss ’65 is a retired attorney and author of the books Beyond the Tree House, Secret Agenda, and Paralegal Paramour.

The Jevons Paradox and the Myth of Resource Efficiency Improvements
The Jevons Paradox and the Myth of Resource Efficiency Improvements

John Polimeni ’94, et al
Earthscan, 2008

The Jevons Paradox states that an increase in efficiency in using a resource leads to increased use of that resource rather than to a reduction. This book provides a historical overview of the Jevons Paradox, provides evidence for its existence, and applies it to complex systems. Written and edited by world experts in the fields of economics, technology, and the environment, it explains the myth of efficiency and explores its implications for resource usage (particularly oil).

John Polimeni ’94, Ph.D. ’02, is assistant professor of economics at Albany College of Pharmacy.

Goering’s Gold
Limericks for Polite Company

Erik Pettersen ’65
Infinity Publishing, 2008

Limericks for Polite Company is an illustrated collection of 94 original limericks, which draw on a treasure trove of puns, fractured idioms, and observations of everyday life. And, says the author, unlike those you might recall from college days, these limericks can be shared with family and friends.

Erik Pettersen ’65 is a former nuclear submarine officer, chemical industry executive, and management consultant. As a first-generation American, he inherited from his parents a lifelong fascination with the many nuances of the English language. He is the author of a devotional biography, Semper Fi: The Psalms of Robert Alexander.

Poker Slam
Poker Slam

Neal Gersony ’94
iUniverse, 2008

Poker Slam is a novel that combines a mystery-thriller with an authentic poker tournament experience. Willie Jamison, once the greatest poker player alive, disappears leaving a shadowy past. Years later his nephew, Utah McCormick, receives a threatening phone call from a stranger demanding Willie’s money. Utah must find his uncle if he wants to get out of this situation alive. Detailed poker tournament play reveals the mind of the poker professional as well as key clues to the mystery.

Neal Gersony, Ph.D. ’94, is an Internet entrepreneur, a former business school faculty member, and a tournament poker veteran. His online poker courses are available at

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