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* Spring 2010


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On the Bookshelf: Recent Books by Alumni/ae (cont.)

Multimedia Content Analysis
Ajay Divakaran ’93 (Ed.) • Springer, 2009

Multimedia Content Analysis Multimedia Content Analysis: Theory and Applications covers the state of the art of multimedia content analysis in a tutorial fashion and provides a plan for future research. It includes unique coverage of multimedia content analysis-based products described by pioneers in the field, and provides perspective on the feasibility of state-of-the-art techniques, as well as opportunities for the future. It also addresses the experiential aspect of multimedia content analysis.

Ajay Divakaran, Ph.D. ’93, is a technical manager at Sarnoff Corp., and an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

A Message in Time, The Warning
Casimir Domaszewicz ’54 • iUniverse, 2009

A Message in Time, The Warning The author explores how a family behaves when favored with an extraordinary child, Adam, who is also physically different. The book portrays Adam’s creativity, how he uses and misuses his genius, and delivers our world into a frightening new millennium. During Adam’s life, he discovers equations that explain the creation of the universe and postulates the existence of parallel worlds.

Casimir Domaszewicz ’54 is enjoying his retirement and the immunity granted when writing fictional characters who must conform to his every command. His first book was Avoid Market Loss with Trust Deed Investing.

Agile Career Development: Lessons and Approaches From IBM
Mary Ann Bopp ’83 et al • IBM Press, 2009

Thunder in the Backyard The authors show how IBM has succeeded in making career development work for both the employee and the business. They illustrate with various lessons and approaches that can be applied to other
organizations. This book is for HR professionals, learning or training managers, executives, strategists, and business leaders who want to create a high-performing organization.

Mary Ann Bopp, MBA ’83, is manager of career development in IBM’s Center for Learning and Development. She has 21 years of corporate education, training, performance consulting, and project management experience, as well as 10 years of management accounting experience.

The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy
Mary Ann Duke ’83 • Duke, M.D. Literary Enterprises, 2009

Tarnished Gold on Our Street This non-fiction book by a medical scholar and ophthalmologist/eye surgeon chronicles the myriad challenges an accomplished, young female doctor faces before, during, and after becoming a solo practi-
tioner, wife, and mother. The book unabashedly tells her story of despair into alcoholism, war with bipolar disorder, and jail time away from her four small children, to still persevere and be victorious.

Mary Ann Duke ’83 became a medical doctor at 23 and by the age of 30 was a board-certified ophthalmologist in solo private practice in Potomac, Md.

Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change
Lawrence Polsky ’87 and Antoine Gerschel • McGraw Hill, 2010

Tarnished Gold on Our Street Employees respond to organizational change with worry, fear, and sometimes even panic. Perfect Phrases for Communicating Change has hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for ensuring that employees make the transition with clarity, commitment, and skill. Readers will learn effective language for: articulating new company initiatives, responding to questions with confidence, easing employees’ fears, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and addressing resistance and performance problems.

Lawrence Polsky ’87 is a speaker, coach, consultant, and trainer and is co-founder of PeopleNRG, a Princeton, N.J.- based consulting firm focusing on organizational change.
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