In Memoriam

Robert A. Hedstrom ’39, former manager and a director of the Hedstrom Co., active in Dothan, Ala., civic organizations and charities; June 5. Harold W. Huntley Jr. ’41, former chief engineer at Northrop, and program manager at Lockheed, who worked on the Flying Wing, Navajo Missile Project, Agena booster, and Space Shuttle; March 29. Samuel Josefowitz ’42, D.Eng. ’09 (hon.), chemical engineer, co-founder of mail-order book and record clubs in 21 countries, and world-renowned art collector, especially works of the Pont-Aven school; July 30. Richard M. Mandle ’43, founder of W.R. Grace division Rare Earths, executive vice president at Electro Nucleonics, patent holder, lifelong inventor, and WWII Army veteran; Aug. 30. Herbert Rothman ’44, chairman emeritus, Weidlinger Associates, where he established the transportation division, expert on suspension bridge cables and design analysis, and NAE member; July 26. Peter Wallack ’46, retired vice president, General Bearing Corp., and Hyatt Mfg. Co., Feb. 10. Thomas D. Hinkelman ’47, former executive director, Semiconductor Industry Association, following positions with Eckert Mauchly, GE, Motorola, and Fairchild, and WWII Navy veteran; July 24. James S. Perry ’49, retired president, Command Systems Division, Eaton Corp., recipient of the IEEE Pioneer Award, and Navy League member; June 15. John S. Warner ’49, retired research leader, Battelle Memorial Institute, planning board member, and nature lover; March 7.

Charles R. Haggett ’50, retired senior staff engineer, Lockheed Martin and Space Co., where he worked on various space programs, some still classified, and Army Air Force veteran; July 13. Ralph L. Lichtfuss ’50, retired president, Tooling & Production Sales Co., formerly with Kaiser and B&W Nuclear Energy Div., cattle farmer, and WWII Navy veteran; Aug. 3. Richard S. Sambol ’50, retired founder and president, Sambol Construction, who served widely on civic, government, and philanthropic organizations, and WWII Navy veteran; May 23. Peter B. Brumberg ’51, retired vice president, Felton International, RV traveler, sports and bridge enthusiast, and U.S. Navy veteran; Aug. 23. Michael A. Cocca Sr. ’51, M.S. ’59, retired metallurgical engineer, GE, active in Green Island, N.Y., civic affairs and RPI alumni activities, and WWII Navy Air Corps veteran; July 4. Paul W. Vapnek ’51, former engineer and longtime attorney, Townsend & Townsend, author, teacher, mentor, and volunteer to legal societies; Feb. 28. Edmond F. Bagdonas ’52, retired mechanical engineer, GE Corp., softball coach and math tutor, and WWII Army Air Corps veteran; Jan. 4. Francis W. Day ’52, retired captain, U.S. Navy, and engineering project manager with Kellar & Gannon and Lester B. Knight; Nov. 25, 2014. Mark A. Delamater ’52, retired senior engineer, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Air Resources, active in sports, and WWII Navy veteran; June 9. Marshall W. Barnes ’53, retired architect, Valus and Carpenter Associates, former scout master, who enjoyed sailing and cycling on Cape Cod in retirement, and WWII Army veteran; July 26. H. Russell Kunz ’53, M.M.E. ’58, Ph.D. ’66, engineer performing research on turbine engines, rockets, and fuel cells for United Technologies Corp., adjunct professor, Hartford Graduate Center, and consultant; March 4. Charles P. Susen ’53, retired member of technical staff, Bell Telephone Laboratories, ham radio operator, Civil Defense volunteer, and U.S. Army veteran; Jan. 26. Robert S. Browne ’55, architect, city planner, interior designer, and vintage clothing collector; Jan. 7. Gordon R. Peterkin ’55, retired director of research programs, Bell Canada, and RPI Athletics Hall of Fame member who scored the winning goal in the 1954 national hockey championship; Sept. 21, 2014. Christopher O. Riddleberger ’55, retired after a career at Bell Labs, active in IEEE Power Electronics Society and Communications Society; May 2015. Francis A. Combar ’56, retired metallurgical engineering supervisor, Special Metals Corp. and Homogeneous Metals Inc., avid skier and hiker, and U.S. Navy veteran; May 25, 2008. Richard E. Singer ’56, retired after a career with Airborne Instruments, Booz Allen, Joslyn, and Erico, patent holder, and hospital volunteer honored for his service; Feb. 23. Denis A. Mueller ’57, retired manager, advanced product planning, Westinghouse Electric Co., patent holder and recipient of innovation awards, and U.S. Navy veteran; March 18. Leonard A. Barnstone ’58, retired chemical engineer and manager, Exxon Research and Engineering, tennis player, woodworker, and jazz musician; Nov. 19, 2011. John F. Hoyt ’58, Internet pioneer and aerospace engineer, retired lieutenant colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired from UTC Hamilton Standard, and avid ballroom dancer; May 19. Leslie S.B. Kirschner ’58, retired vice president, Citicorp; May 3. Lawrence A. Rader ’58, former vice president, Merrill Lynch, president, L.A. Rader Management Inc., and donor to scholarship funds at Rensselaer; Aug. 14. Herbert H. Wakamoto ’58, retired engineering specialist, Rockwell Aerospace Co.; July 2015. Peter D. Plath ’59, retired vice president and general manager, Austin Co., traveler, and avid sports fan; May 21.

Marcel J. Grenier, M.M.G. ’60, retired after a 38-year career with General Electric, and WWII Army veteran; Jan. 24, 2014. Donald Cohen, M.S. ’61, co-founder of The Math Program, known as “The Mathman,” teacher, author, watercolor artist, and U.S. Army veteran; June 26. Robert M. Dressler ’61, co-founder and vice president, Polaris Wireless, previously with SRI, Systems Control, and ESL, patent holder, and sports enthusiast; May 3. Alan W. Dix ’63, Ph.D. ’71, retired aerospace materials engineer, General Electric, and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and his church; July 12. Robert J. Hagler, M.S. ’63, former president, American Vulkan, senior vice president, Meritor Savings, career center business manager, and avid sailor; Jan. 23. John A. Mastronardi ’64, retired captain, Delta Air Lines, and Vietnam War veteran; June 3. Lawrence K. Anderson ’65, retired cost engineer, General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division, and home builder and craftsman; Jan. 29. James L. Cuddihee ’65, former senior industrial engineer, Eastman Kodak Co., April 8. John F. (Jack) Canty Jr. ’66, retired attorney at law, and public policy specialist in Washington, D.C., who recently lived in Youghal in County Cork, Ireland; April 5. Charles J. Haughney ’66, retired captain, U.S. Navy, and retired chief, fuel cycle safety branch, and former acting director, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; July 12.

Frank B. Gwozdz Jr. ’70, retired project management engineer, Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Rensselaer Annual Fund volunteer; May 19. Donald E. Joslyn, M.E. ’72, retired engineer and senior manager, American Electric Power, avid traveler and photographer; March 31. Stephen G. Racioppo, B.S. and M.E. ’74, former senior managing director at Accenture, where he led the financial services business in North America and Asia Pacific, author, speaker, and member of civic boards; May 29. Richard A. Busse ’77, former energy engineer with Sealed Power Corp. and Howmet Turbine Components Corp.; July 12.

Hassan G. Hamedani ’81, founder, Arch Bridge Contracting Corp., structural engineering for roads and bridges, former structural engineer for nuclear power plants, and talented chef; May 4. Mark D. Samitt ’84, former COO and president at Steuben Glass, former executive at Movado Group, management consultant with Deloitte & Touche, and active class volunteer; May 6. Kevin Steinfeld ’87, employed by Ernst & Young LLP; April 8.

Richard P. Riendeau, head football coach, 1963-1972, who took a football program that had the longest losing streak in college football to several winning seasons, and developed a football aptitude test now widely used in pro sports; Sept. 20.