Christine Furstoss ’86 Named GE Company Officer



Christine Furstoss’86 has been appointed vice president and technical director of manufacturing, chemical, and materials technologies at GE Global Research, making her one of only 195 of GE’s 300,000-plus employees who are company officers.

Furstoss joined GE in 1989 and has held a series of leadership roles in GE Power & Water and GE Global Research.

Most recently she was global technology director for GE Global Research focused on manufacturing and materials, where she led more than 450 technologists in the company’s advanced manufacturing technology initiative called the Brilliant Factory. In the “brilliant factory,” equipment and computers talk to each other over the industrial Internet in real time, share information, and make decisions to preserve quality and prevent downtime. “The brilliant factory is more than 3-D printing parts from digital files,” says Furstoss. “We can build a factory that can make itself better.”

Furstoss earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in materials science and engineering at Rensselaer.