Sam Fletcher ’50 Provides Memories of a Post-War Campus

Post-War Campus


“I was privileged to meet ‘The Greatest Generation’ long before Tom Brokaw coined the phrase in his celebrated book,” writes Sam Fletcher ’50, who provided the essay for One Last Thing in the Fall 2015 issue of Rensselaer magazine. Fletcher enrolled at Rensselaer in the fall of 1946, when, he says, three quarters of the incoming freshmen were veterans. In his essay he writes about his experiences as a non-veteran on a campus dominated by returning war veterans who wanted to “make up for lost time and get on with the business of making a career designing, building, and developing something in America.”

Fletcher also provided this photo of the “Church V Bunch.” It was taken in the fall of 1946 using a Brownie camera. From left, are Henry Krason ’50, Frank Tomlinson ’50, Frank Sacken ’50, Arthur Leak ’50, William Bokram ’50, J.C. Kiersted ’50, and Samuel Fletcher ’50. “I don’t remember what Bokram was pouring out,” says Fletcher. “Certainly punch and not beer.”