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On the Bookshelf: Recent Books by Alumni Authors

Faux Real Faux Real

Robert Kanigel ’66
Joseph Henry Press, 2007

From formica, vinyl siding, and particle board to cubic zirconium, knockoff designer bags, and genetically altered foods, inspired fakes of every description fly the polyester pennant of a brave new man-made world. Each represents an often passionate journey of scientific, technical, and entrepreneurial innovation. Faux Real explores this borderland of the almost-real, the ersatz, and the fake, illuminating a centuries-old culture war between the authentic and the imitative.

Robert Kanigel ’66 is the author of six books, including The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan; Apprentice to Genius; and The One Best Way, a biography of efficiency expert Frederick Winslow Taylor. He is a professor of science writing at MIT, where he directs its graduate program in science writing.

Florida Railroads in the 1920s Florida Railroads in the 1920s

Gregg Turner ’96
Arcadia Publishing, 2006

Florida’s railroads emerged in the 1830s amid Native American upheaval and territorial colonization. Of this rail heritage, one era towers above the rest: the 1920s. It was then that Florida experienced a colossal land boom and the state’s biggest railroads had to rapidly expand and increase capacity. The frequencey of railway service within and to the Sunshine State reached an unprecedented level, never again to be repeated.

Gregg Turner, M.S. ’96, is a former director of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society at Harvard Business School and the author of numerous articles and a dozen books.

My Problems, God’s Solutions My Problems, God’s Solutions

George Fellendorf ’49
Pleasant Word, 2007

The author shares his unique system of bringing problems to God, and how that led to more than 50 years of finding solutions in his life. He candidly discusses his successes and failures as he teaches how problem and solution cards, combined with prayer and Scripture, can help find solutions to problems.

George Fellendorf ’49 is retired president of Fellendorf Associates Inc.

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