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Rensselaer Alumni Magazine Winter 2005-06
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Giving Back

Habitat for Humanity House

Photo by Kris Qua

The 2004-2005 academic year was a remarkable one for Rensselaer’s Student Life community service initiatives. Reports from various constituencies contributed to a year-end total of 12,003 volunteer hours, 32,234 federal work study community service hours, and $38,939 raised in programs sponsored by Student Life groups. The figures as of June 30, 2005, follow.

“I enjoy working with Habitat simply because it’s a really fun way to make a big impact,” says Johanna Wogaman, president of Rensselaer’s Habitat for Humanity student chapter. “There’s the practical side of just learning construction techniques, simple home repairs, building schedules, material purchasing, etc. On top of learning all those skills, you’re able to not only build a house but create a home for a family in need. Being in college, as much as you might want to help, it can be hard to donate money through the semester. Habitat is a really easy opportunity for students to take a day, half a day, or a few hours and just work.”

Community Service Contributions
by Rensselaer Students for 2004-2005
Total Community Service Hours 44,237
Volunteer Hours 12,003
Community Service Work Study Hours 32,234
Money Raised $38,939
Pints of Blood Donated 584
Computers Installed 24
Bags of Toiletries Donated 2 Pounds of Food Collected 22,090
Bins of Clothing Collected 21
Big Boxes of Toys for Tots Collected 5
Basket of Holiday Food Donated 1
Tutoring Sessions 1,258
Registration for Football Camp Donated 1
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