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Alumni Hall of Fame
Alumni Hall of Fame Legacy of Distiction
Alumni Hall of Fame inducts designers of bridges, ballparks, and bombers

The Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame inducted its sixth class of members Sept. 9, welcoming seven distinguished alumni whose accomplishments add breadth and depth to the notable achievements represented by the full membership, which now numbers 60.

Traditional areas of strength in the hall are enhanced by the addition of geologist Ebenezer Emmons and international bridge builder John A.L. Waddell. William Pitt Mason, a pure water advocate, established chemical engineering at Rensselaer.

Iconic engineering venues created by Rensselaer alumni now include sports stadiums built by Frank and Kenneth Osborn. Rensselaer’s significant contributions to aviation are highlighted by aircraft designer Robert Widmer. And Hermann Haus, an expert in quantum optics, was a true communications pioneer.

Robert Widmer ’38, the one living member of the new class, was joined by many members of his family at the ceremony. In accepting the honor, he spoke of the excitement of engineering, the value of teamwork, and the longstanding support of his family. “My work and what I’ve done is very dynamic and time consuming.” Widmer is former vice president of science and engineering at General Dynamics Corp. and creator of the B-58, among many successful military aircraft.

Descendants and representatives of the families of Waddell, Mason, and the Osborns were also in attendance, including current student Jesse Houle ’10, great-great-grandson of Kenneth Osborn.

The Rensselaer Alumni Association created the Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame in 1995 to preserve and celebrate the exceptional heritage of alumni accomplishments throughout the years.

Etched windows, placed centrally on campus, commemorate the achievements of these distinguished individuals who have forged frontiers in industry, science, education, and technology.

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