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Focusing on the Future of Lighting
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Lighting impacts our environment through everything from depletion of Earth's finite resources to the brightening of the night sky. The LRC is working to reduce lighting energy use, toxic materials, and light pollution through product development, research, and education.

Working Toward a Sustainable Planet
The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer and Osram Sylvania are working with Paramount Pictures (Hollywood, Calif.) on a study of LED-based lighting in a conference room that uses modular lighting tiles on the ceiling and wall, a DC-powered grid, and energy-harvesting wireless control. The solid-state lighting (SSL) project is meant to explore sustainable lighting systems that can also be adapted over time with tiles that snap in and out of a grid as the usage needs of the space changes.

Osram and LRC partner on Paramount Pictures SSL project

LEDs Magazine

Lighting the Runways
John Bullough found that “LED airfield lighting uses much less energy than incandescent, but airfield electrical systems are optimized for incandescent lamps, not LEDs. Even more energy can be saved if electrical systems are designed with the reduced loads of LEDs in mind,” he said. The FAA is now investigating new electrical infrastructures for airfield lighting that will help maximize energy savings and reliability.

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Balancing Supply and Demand
It can be challenging and expensive for electric utilities to balance supply and demand during peak periods, for example during summer-time heat waves in New York state. The utilities seek cost effective, automated, and reliable ways to reduce the demand (demand response) in order to avoid expensive generation plants, distribution and transmission infrastructure. Commercial building owners are considering ways to reduce electricity costs and curtail usage during times of peak electric loads. Lighting in many commercial buildings can be temporarily reduced to lower electric load without impacting productivity.
Information on the program
Load-Shed Balance Report (pdf of technical report)

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Unlocking the Secrets of Photosynthesis

Rensselaer Licenses Novel Solar Power Technology

Facilitating the Transport of Green Power Along Power Grids

Focus on the Future of Lighting

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