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Jim Hendler: Moving From Big to Broad Data


Strata 2013: James Hendler, "Broad Data: What Happens When the Web of Data Becomes Real?"


How BIG is Big? Science uses some extremely large databases and many of them are crucial to society. Petabytes of Data World Wide Web data is also extremely large. With primary resources to explore it held by companies eg. Facebook 25 Terabytes of logged data per day; valuation $100B? eg. Google In 2008 it was estimated at 20 petabytes per day (not including YouTube); 2010 valuation >$190B.

Broad Data The huge amount of freely available, but widely varied, Open Data on the World Wide Web (Structured and Semi-structured) Example: The extended Facebook OGP graph (the part outside Facebook’s datasets) Example: The growing linked open data cloud of freely available RDF linked data Example: More than 710,000 datasets that are available on the Web free from governments around the world.

—Jim Hendler
from Broad Data slideshow transcript


For further information view Broad Data slide presentation and transcript by James Hendler.


Data is moving from "Big" to "Broad," according to im Hendler, the Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor and the head of the Department of Computer Science at Rensselaer.

“As data moves from ‘big’ to ‘broad,’ we have the potential to find, link, query, visualize, and share data at a level never before possible. Developing new, web-based technologies for these challenges has been the cornerstone of my work since coming to RPI five years ago, and it is great to get this recognition for the efforts my research group has made,” Hendler said.

“RPI is one of the top places in the world for new data engineering research, and I'm excited to get this award as yet more evidence of the continuing growth in the strength of data science expertise here,” said Hendler at the Strata Data Innovation Award ceremony.

“As data moves from ‘big’ to ‘broad,’ we have the potential to find, link, query, visualize, and share data at a level never before possible.”
—Jim Hendler

Hendler was honored with the inaugural Strata Data Innovation Award.

The award, given as part of the O’Reilly Strata Conference taking place this week in New York City, was created to “recognize disruptive, innovative technologies in big data and data science, highlight data science as an increasing importance for companies, and showcase the highlights of the growing data community,” according to the conference website.

Hendler joined Rensselaer in 2007 as the Tetherless World Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science after over two decades as a professor at the University of Maryland, where he served as director of the Joint Institute for Knowledge Discovery and co-director of the Maryland Information and Network Dynamics (MIND) Laboratory.

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