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“Bringing together disciplines to collaboratively develop new solutions to address the grand challenges of this century and beyond.”—Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D.

Innovation at Rensselaer Spring 2015

Novel Therapy for Back Pain
Researchers have identified a mechanism with the potential to arrest or even reverse degeneration of a painful intervertebral disc. Full Story

An Enormous Corrugated Galaxy
The Milky Way galaxy is at least 50 percent larger than is commonly estimated, according to an international team led by Professor Heidi Jo Newberg. Full Story

Weathering the Storm
Rensselaer civil and environmental engineers are protecting roofs from caving in under the weight of snow by advocating for well-crafted building codes, and investigating building performance, warnings, and human behavior during tornadoes. Full Story

New Seed Grant Program Tackles Societal Challenges
The new Knowledge and Innovation Program (KIP) of the Rensselaer Office of Research has awarded four grants in the areas of the built environment, environmental resilience, advanced cyber-infrastructure, and bio-innovation. Full Story

Researchers Develop “Radio-genetics”
A team at Rensselaer and Rockefeller University is developing a system that would make it possible to remotely control biological targets in living animals without wires, implants, or drugs. Full Story

$1 Million NIH Grant Enables Trials of Artificial Pancreas for Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes
The three-year study will begin with 12 patients using the system in a hospital setting, and progress to a group of 18 patients using the system at home for two weeks. Full Story

Media Highlights: Insights From Innovators
Rensselaer experts (current researchers and graduates) are featured in the media on cognitive computing, nanoparticles and heat transfer, electronic sensors, lighting research, and more. Full Story


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