Innovation at Rensselaer

“Bringing together disciplines to collaboratively develop new solutions to address the grand challenges of this century and beyond.”—Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D.

Innovation at Rensselaer Fall 2014

Molecular-Level Exploration of Heart Muscle
A Rensselaer biologist is working to unravel some of the biggest mysteries of the human heart with help from an unexpected source—the tiny Drosophila, commonly known as the fruit fly. Full Story

Engineering Longer-Lived Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Researchers have developed a new material that addresses two limitations inherent in current lithium-ion technology. Full Story

Green Wall Harnesses Plants’ Filtering Power
Researchers from the School of Architecture working at the Center for Architecture Science andEcology (CASE) in New York City have unveiled the first public-scale prototype of a green wall that harnesses plants’ natural abilities to filter toxins in an application suitable for indoor spaces like office buildings. Full Story

Making Old Bones New Again
A new study offers insight into strengthening bones made fragile by age, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Full Story

The Promise and Intrigue Where Water Meets Air
Whether it's a glass of water or a bathtub, or the surface of a lake or ocean, interesting things happen where water meets air. A new study from chemical engineers at Rensselaer addresses fundamental questions about water, salt, and their interactions near an air-water interface and may help development of new self-assembling biomolecular materials. Full Story

$15 Million NSF Award for DataONE Environmental Science Project
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $15 million to a team of environmental and earth science data researchers, including researchers at Rensselaer, who are providing tools and infrastructure that improve access to vast amounts of scientific data. Full Story

Media Highlights: Insights from Innovators
Rensselaer experts (current researchers and graduates) are featured in the media on cascading outages, adaptive technology, LED lighting, our digital future, and more. Full Story

Multimedia Highlights

Celebrating a Decade of Biotechnology Research at Rensselaer

The Jefferson Project at Lake George Achieves Milestones

Rensselaer in Space: Live from the International Space Station with G. Reid Wiseman '97