MOCVD Growth

The Aixtron 200/4 RF-S metal-organic vapor-phase epitaxy (MOVPE) system is being used in our group to grow III-V nitride materials. It is a 2ˇ± single-wafer horizontal-flow reactor that can be heated up to 1200 ˇăC by RF heating generated from the water-cooled RF coil. The patented Gas Foil Rotation enables extremely high layer uniformity and excellent quality of the grown layers. The interlock and alarm system guarantee the safety of the growth process. There are five types of metal organic precursors and two types of hydride precursors used in this system, namely Trimethylgallium (TMGa), Trimethylindium (TMIn), Trimethylaluminum (TMAl), Triethylgallium (TEGa), bis-cyclopentadienylmagnesium (Cp2Mg), ammonia (NH3), and silane (SiH4).

Recently, our MOVPE system is being used to grow AlGaN based ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs) and high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) on both sapphire and bulk AlN substrates.