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Schedule for "Tomographic Models for Radiation Protection Dosimetry" Session, Monte Carlo 2005 Topical Meeting,Monday afternoon, April 18, 2005

Co-chair: George Xu and Keith Eckerman

Time(min) Name Organization Topic
30 Keith Eckerman ORNL, USA GSF Male And Female Adult Voxel Models RepresentingICRP Reference Man
20 Rickard Kramer Brazil Effective Dose Ratios For The Tomographic Max And FaxPhantoms
20 Choonsik Lee iTRS, Korea Reference Korean Human Models: Past, Present and Future
20 Wesley Bolch UF, USA The UF Family of Pediatric Tomographic Models
20 Tomoaki Nagaoka NIICT, Japan Development And Anatomical Details Of Japanese Adult Male/ Female Voxel Models
20 Break
20 Kimiaki Saito JAERI, Japan Dose Calculation Using Japanese Voxel PhantomsFor Diverse Exposures
20 X. George Xu RPI, USA Stylized Vs Tomographic Models: Experience At RPI
20 Michael Stabin VU, USA Use of MCNP with voxel-based image data for internal dosimetry applications
20 Isabelle Aubineau-Laniece IRSN, France Experience On Voxel Phantoms For Internal Dosimetry At IRSN
20 Larry Pinski UH, USA The Use of Voxel-Based Human Phantoms in FLUKA
20 Panel and audience The future of tomographic modeling in radiation protection and medicine

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