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Schedule for "Deformable and 4D Patient Modeling" Workshop,Johns Hopkins University, Thursday,January 12, 2006

Organized by: George Xu and Paul Segars

Time (min) Name Organization Topic
8:30 am George Xu RPI Review of NIH Supported Projects on Patient Modeling: Why are we here?
9:00 am Keith Eckerman ORNL ICRP Phantoms for Radiation Protection Dosimetry
9:20 am Mike Stabin Vanderbilt Nuclear Medicine Internal Dosimetry Needs
9:40 am Wesley Bolch U of Florida UF Family of Pediatric Voxel Phantoms
10:00 am George Xu RPI VIP-Man Phantom and Dosimetry Needs
10:20 am Qiming Wang NIST Visualization of Anthropometric Data from CAESAR Project
10: 40 am Randy Brill Vanderbilt Anatomical Variations: What is the Acceptable Error?
11:00 am Paul Segars Johns Hopkins University "NCAT 4D Modeling" and Software Demonstration
12:00-1:30 \ \ Lunch
1:30 pm Ben Tsui Johns Hopkins University Management of Organ Motion in Cardiac Imaging
2:00 pm John Wong Johns Hopkins University Management of Organ Motion in Radiation Treatment Planning
2:30 pm Harald Paganetti Massachusetts General Hospital Current 4D Monte Carlo Simulation Methods
3:00 pm Daniel Freedman RPI Image Segmentation for 3D/4D Modeling
3:30 pm Open Discussion \ Future directions, white paper, NIH funding, standardization etc.
5:00 pm \ \ Wrap-up
5:30 pm \ \ Dinner

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