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Educational games

Educational Games


We have devised a game based on the familiar SET game. The card game known as SET is a simple but a clever game targeted for children and adults. Its object is to identify a grouping of three cards (SET) from a set of cards laid out on the table as quickly as possible. Another variation is to identify all the sets in a given set of cards. A SET deck has 81 ( 3 4 ) cards. Each card has four attributes and each attribute has three possible values. For the purpose of this game, three cards are called a SET if, with respect to each of the four attributes, the cards are either all the same or all different. In the original SET game, the attributes were shape, number, shading and color. In our variation of this game, we also have 81 cards. The attributes are text message, font size, font type and font color. The values of text message attribute are { Using Condomn, Safe Sex, Abstinence} The values of font size are {8, 12, 36}. The values of font color attributes are {blue, red, black}. The values of font color type attributes are {Bold, Underlined, Strikethrough}. Images of two sample cards are shown below.

  1. card1

  2. card2

  3. Prototype

The back of the card contains an image of AIDS Virus. We have a prototype of this game and tested with a few high school age children. Current efforts include making an interactive puzzle based on this game. We are also exploring bringing in wild cards with icons to this game..

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