About The Rensselaer Union

About The Rensselaer Union

The Union is over 100 years old. It is the essence of student involvement at Rensselaer and one of its
first student services. The Union provides not only food, the bookstore and banking facilities, it
provides recreation and entertainment facilities and is a central place for many clubs, and student
government bodies. And now for a quick tour of the Student Union:

On the lowest floor of the Union is the bookstore, Marine Midland Bank, several food services, a
bowling alley and game room, Mother's, Father's, and a barbershop. The bookstore and bank hours are
posted on their doors. Chiripa's, The Hole in the Wall, and Father's are mentioned under on-campus
dining facilities in this handbook. Mother's is a small room that is used during the day as extra seating
at lunch, and sometimes to hold events, but during the evening (usually on weekends) musical
performances are held there. It is an intimate atmosphere where many very good folk, jazz, and other
performers have played.

The bowling alley and games room are other big attractions of the Union. Unless there is a bowling
gym class in session, you can walk in whenever you like, rent shoes and a lane, and start to bowl. The
games room contains a variety of video games as well as pool tables. The pool tables must be rented as
well, but the fee is very low.

The second floor of the Union has the McNeil Room - a cafeteria which is also used for conferences,
as a study room, a dance floor and an auditorium. Acts which do not fit into Mother's use the McNeil
Room. The Post Office and Information Desk are also located on this floor, along with several
photocopy machines (which only cost 5 cents per copy) and a television that is always tuned to CNN.

The upper floor of the Union contains many meeting rooms. Club meetings are often held in these
rooms. It also contains the Union administration offices, the Student Government offices (including
the Graduate Council office), several club offices such as UPAC, the Polytechnic, CASA (Chinese
American Students Association), the Chaplains' Offices and Counseling Center. Finally, it holds the
Pub (a popular place for graduate students to go and relax) and the Shelnutt Gallery (an art gallery).

The Union supports 100 clubs, ranging from club sports such as sailing and martial arts clubs to
cultural clubs and the student newspaper. You can join any clubs that you like; joining clubs is a good
way to meet people outside your department and get a chance to interact with undergraduates and other
members of the RPI community. A large activities fair in which all of the Union sponsored clubs are
represented is held generally within the first few weeks of school.

Rensselaer Student Union
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180-3590
(518) 276-6055