Undergraduate Council

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York

The Undergraduate Council represents every undergraduate student at RPI 
through our various committees.  It is the Council directly above the 
four class coucils.  We approve any expenditure of over $50 for each 
class and as well as the class constitutions.  We also serve as another 
forum for student concern.

Minutes from 11/2/94 meeting

Minutes from 11/9/94 meeting

94-95 Budget
The Council Consists of:

Vice President
E-Board Representative
Rules & Election Representative
Fiscal Policy Representative
Two Reps. from each Class Council: '98,'97,'96,'95

Undergraduate Council News Group



Organizes and runs a faculty/student/administration mixer and at least 
one social event for the year.  Typically we have held a winter carnival.


Organizes and runs events to promote awareness and envolvement in 
student government.


(Departmental Student Advisory Boards)  This committee is attempting 
to set up a Student Advisory Board in every department on campus.  
(this is a continuing effort for 4 yrs)

Freshman Advising

This committee guides the freshman class council through their first year.  
This includes the writing of a class constitution.

We are currently starting a campus weekly discussion forum on our news 
group.  The topic will be anounced in the poly every week & here on 
the goup.

We resently sponsored the UPAC movie on Sept 24.  (City Slickers II)

Our meetings are every other Wednesday night @ 9pm in the Dumont Rm of 
the Union.

Our next meeting is 3 NOV 94.  

If you have any concerns or are interested in helping out, you are 
welcome to attend.

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