TENNIS CLUB COURT RESERVATION GUIDELINES 1. Reservation Day shall be Thursdays. 2. Courts can be reserved for 1 hour blocks (beginning and ending on the hour) on the reservation day. Specific courts can be requested. 3. To reserve a court, email Albert at with participants, court preferences and hour any time up to a week before the reservation day. A person is allowed to reserve a court for ONLY one hour for the Reservation List. As soon as the email is received, it wil be confirmed or denied, and if confirmed, it will be posted immediately on the Tennis Clubs' RCS Locker. Requests wil be accepted up to Wednesday, 10 pm. A hard copy of the final Reservation List will be posted in the bulletin board during the afternoon of the reservation day. If any courts are open at that time, they will be unrestricted and free for anyone to use. 4. Any person who reserves a court and cancels, or does not show, will NOT be allowed to reserve a court the following week. 5. A person is allowed to reserve-and-cancel twice a semester. Any more, and the member will not be allowed to reserve a court for the remainder of the semester OR as the officers see fit. 6. Reserve-and-Cancel privileges do NOT accrue from previous semesters. 7. Court reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and only email reservations will be accepted. 8. If no court preference is made, the courts will be assigned to best suit everyone's wishes. 9. In singles matches, one participant must be a tennis club member. In doubles matches, two participants must be tennis club members. 10. If anyone, in the opinion of the officers, is found to be abusing these privileges, the officers will apply restrictions to the individual as necessary. *We meay need to change the reservation day. HOW TO VIEW RESERVATION FILE IN THE TENNIS CLUB'S RCS LOCKER: 1) To get to the Tennis Club's RCS Locker, type: cd /dept/union/tennis/public/ 2) To view RESERVATION file, type: more RESERVATIONS <- Use tab-completion i.e. type 'more R' and then hit the tab key 3) To return to your home directory, type: cd $H