The Rape Crisis Center

for Rensselaer County

Samaritan Hospital
2215 Burdett Avenue
Troy, New York 12180
Business Office: 271-3445
24-hr hotline: 271-3257


through awareness, prevention and preparedness!

Sexual assault is a crime of violence in which sex is used to overpower and intimidate the victim. It can happen to females or males of any age, race, physical ability, class or family background. Assailants plan their attacks, seeking any vulnerable person -- from infants to elders. The more vulnerable and/or trusting a person appears, the greater the chance of being a target.

Protecting against sexual assault is a serious, practical skill which can be practiced and learned. Anyone can develop skills that may decrease their chances of becoming a victim.

Self-protection requires three things: awareness, prevention and preparedness.


Patterns of Assault -> Most assault are committed by someone
known to the victim. Most assaults happen in the home
of the victim or the assailant, or in an automobile.