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Class of 2001

Full Name - Evan M. Feldman

Year of Grad - May 2001
Position(s) - Prop
Years played - Freshman -- Senior
Fraternity if applicable - N/A
Hometown - Amherst, NY
Current Residents - Rochester, NY
Major - Biomedical Engineer
Current Employer - Budding Plastic Surgeon at U of R
Email - feldme@alum.rpi.edu

"321 Cincinnati, 321 Cincinnati, aww shit, check check 321 Sacramento, 321

Hey Bobby Cincinnati doesn't start with an "S"


Class of 2000

Full Name - John Kent "Rico"
Year of Grad - 2000
Position(s) - Hooker
Years played - 2 1/2
Fraternity if applicable - Sigma Phi Epsilon
Hometown - Amsterdam, NY
Current Residence - Amsterdam, NY
Major - Computer and Systems Engineering/Computer
Current Employer -
Email - johnkent78@yahoo.com
Favorite Rugby Memory or Quote - Getting my head split open by
Moose in the first game of the Spring 2000 season
against Hofstra


Class of 1999

Name:  Dan "T. Man" Dolan
Year:  1999
Positions:  Fullback, Wing
Yrs. Played:  4
Home Town:  Stratham, NH
Current Residence:  North Reading, MA
Major:  Chemical Engineering
Current Employer:  Metcalf & Eddy
E-mail: Dan_T_Man@mediaone.net
Memory:  State Championship, Fall 1995


Full Name - Jae Hi Lee
Year of Grad - 99
Position(s) - Scrum Half #9
Years played - 5
Fraternity if applicable - Phi Kappa Theta
Hometown - San Diego, CA
Current Residents - Arlington, VA
Major - IME
Current Employer - Oracle Corp.
Email - jae1027@hotmail.com


Full Name: Preston Gordon
Year of Grad: 1999
Position(s): Prop, Fly-Half
Years played: 4
Fraternity if applicable: RSE
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Current Residence: San Francisco, CA
Major: Management
Email: preston_gordon@yahoo.com

Current Club: San Francisco/Golden Gate

Club Level: Northern California Division 1

Position: Loosehead Prop


Class of 1998

Name - Brandon Schwab
Graduated - Fall '98
Clubs - '93-'96 @ Claremont Colleges; '96-'98 @ RPI;
'99-current @ San Diego Old Aztecs
Positions - @ RPI - Flanker & Scrum Half (by default),
currently playing hooker & flanker
Fraternity - Ski Lodge (Phi Kappa Theta)
Hometown - Danville, CA
Current Residence - San Diego, CA
Current employer - Currently unemployed and looking

MEMORIES - most recollections are indecent for school
publications, but winning the DII state championships
was definitely a highlight.  Then taking the club into
the DI level was great even though we had a rough
season.  Makes it all worth it seeing the clubs recent


Class of 1996

Full Name - John Burns
Year of Grad - 1996
Position(s) - Center
Years played - 5
Fraternity if applicable - none
Hometown - Saranac Lake, NY
Current Residents - 1058 New Loudon Rd, Latham, NY
Major - Civil Engineering
Current Employer - Federal Highway Administration
Email - johnburns1@prodigy.net


Full Name Jose Gomes
Year of Grad 1996
Position(s) Fullback
Years played 1992-1996
Fraternity if applicable TKE
Hometown Norwood, MA
Current Residents 9 Davis Rd. Apt. #A11, Acton, MA 01720
Major Biochemistry/Biophysics
Current Employer Genetics Institute - American Home Products
Email jgomes@genetics.com


Full Name: Jeffrey M. Heisler
Year of Grad:  96'  (Coached women's team and played on the B-side Grad school
All-Stars fall 96' with CC)
Position(s):  Wing (Primary), Scrumhalf, flyhalf, fullback
Years played:  All 4
Fraternity if applicable:  SPE
Hometown:  South Brunswick, NJ
Current Residents:  Mount Laurel, NJ
Major:  Physics & Philosphy
Current Employer:  Lockheed Martin
Current Team:  Princeton AC
Email: heislj@erols.com

Favorite Rugby Memory or Quote -There have been a few.
Personally, the best was scoring a try in injury time in the Div II finals
against Plattsburgh on the wing with a cut to the inside.  Broke a couple of
tackles and scored, giving allowing us to take the lead (and the win) with the