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Date Start Time Location Game or Practice
9/5/98 1:00pm Parking lot behind Field House Game
8/28/98 3:00pm Parking lot behind Field House Game
4/30/98 4:00pm Sharp Tennis Courts Game
4/18/98 12:00pm Sharp Tennis Courts Game
4/11/98 2:00pm Sharp Tennis Courts Game
3/29/98 12:00pm Sharp Tennis Courts Game
3/2/98 10:30 - 11:00am Sharp Tennis Courts Game
News & Notes

8/27/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    Alright, here we go. This is going to be a very important weekend for RPI Rollerhockey. We have already gotten a booth/table at this weekends Rensselaer Union Activities Fair. I've also gotten permission to have a few people skate around with me to try and promote the club. Jose's getting in the net, so we have a goalie. Also Bankim will not be here because he has to go back home this weekend. I think it's part of his probation or something... Anyway, The Fair starts at 12pm so if you know anyone that is interested or if you're new and you are interested, come down and sign the membership form and show your support.

8/20/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    If there is anyone interested in Rollerhockey here at RPI, I would like to hold a meeting and see what kind of people we have to start the semester. I have already heard from a few of you and I'm looking forward to getting things underway. Presently, we don't have a Union sponsored club here at RPI. Due to the long period of inactivity of the old Club In-Line and Rollerhockey, it was let go by the Union due to lack of interest. I don't feel that there is any so called "lack of interesxt" and I also feel that we can make this into one of the premier clubs here at RPI. Along with the club starting, I'm also looking into starting an RPI Intramural Rollerhockey League. This has to get presented and subsequently approved by Ken Steffen, director of Intramural Sports, and I already have the support of Steve Allard, Union Club Financial Administrator. We have discussed this over and over and this week, I'd like to get it rolling. The main obstacle that we have to deal with is that there is no place to play rollerhockey other than parking lots and, ... more parking lots. Mr. Allard is trying to convince other Administration to allow us to use the Field House for our new league. Again, this is the problem. Without a readily available playing area, our Rollerhockey league may not even get off the ground. After I talk more with Mr. Allard, I'll let everyone know.

    OK, back to this meeting. I just wanted to get everyone together and see if there were any questions and/or suggestions on what could be done to further Rollerhockey here at RPI. I'd like to set the meeting time for 7:30pm at the Union on Sunday, August 23, 1998. I would very much appreciate it if you could email me and let me know if you'll be able to attend.

    Email me -- Rich Dunne

8/3/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    Sorry for my tartiness with this thing but I've been a little busy, a little lazy and I was home this weekend. Anyway, ... The meeting with Cynthia Smith didn't turn out as I had expected it would have, but we did cover a lot of important ground and we're well on our way to re-instating the RPI Rollerhockey Club. Bankim and I need to start working on the clubs "new" constitution and purpose before the start of the semester so that we can submit it the the E-Board right as classes start. We should be getting started on that in about a week. Another very immportant issue is that we are going to need to have a club meeting at the beginning of the semester(maybe before if any of you are up for it), so we can vote on a few things and get the "new" RPI Rollerhockey Club moving in the right direction. I hope that many of you will take this seriously and traet it as a very important event. Without the support of everyone we have now, we'll not be able to becomne a Union sponsored club and we'll have a much harder time getting places to play and people to join our club. If anyone has any specific questions, I'll be here for the rest of the summer.

7/28/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    This Thursday I have a meeting with Cynthia Smith (Fitzgerald) to discuss the future of RPI Rollerhockey. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to discuss all of the following issues that concern me about RPI Rollerhockey's current situation.

      1. Our club's status in the Union.

      2. Our club name and whether or not to change it. I'll leave the final decision up to everyone in the club. ( Club In-Line and Rollerhockey vs. RPI Rollerhockey )

      3. Once again I'll try to get the scoop on using the Field House as a place to play rollerhockey.

      4. I'll ask about hosting a tournament in the Field House for next Spring sometime.

      5. Also, can we use the '87 Gym for Winter season rollerhockey?

      6. Can we get any realistically useable area where we can play rollerhockey besides the Field house or the '87 gym(not even sure yet...)? 7. Anything else that comes up during our converasation...

    Here is the email that she sent me:

      Rich - Your e-mail was forwarded to me. I'm glad to see that you are
      continuing to develop this club activity. The Union approved club name for
      this activity is "Club In-Line and Roller Hockey." Changing the name
      requires Union approval. I believe I gave you materials back in March that
      list the process for Union club approval. When the club was first formed,
      there were trademark issues that precluded us from using the term "Roller
      blade" in the club name. The members chose Club In-line to include those
      people who were interested in the sport of skating, not just in playing
      roller hockey.
      It will not be possible to change the locker name until the Union has a
      chance to review the material again. Because the club was inactive for so
      long, the Executive Board will need to review the purpose. I would suggest
      that you and Bankim review the name/purpose and have the Constitution
      Committee and the E-Board review/approve them early in the semester so that
      you can proceed with developing the constitution thereafter.
      The Activities Fair is on Saturday, August 29, from 12-4 in the Union, and
      you will have the opportunity to recruit members then, if you wish.

      Let me know if you have any questions and what I can do to help you with
      the process. - Cynthia Smith

      Sender: dunner
      Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 19:42:07 -0400
      From: Rich Dunne <dunner@rpi.edu>
      Organization: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
      X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.03 [en] (X11; I; AIX 4.1)
      To: union@rpi.edu
      Subject: RPI Rollerhockey

      Please add the RPI Rollerhocey Club to the list of Union Sports Clubs.
      We were prviously called
      RPI Club In-Line and Rollerhockey. Thank you.

    I'll post the answers to these questions and whatever else comes up during our meeting on the webpage as soon as I have the time after tomorrow. It'll probably be up by the weekend.

7/15/98 - Posted by Rich Dunne
    In case any of you were wondering about the Rule Book portion of this website, and the rather strict policy there seems to be about penalties, here's my justification:

    Take a look at the RPI Intramural Roller Hockey Rule Book section of the
    webpage and let me know what you think about the rules I have come up with.
    Some of the penalties sound pretty harsh but keep in mind we probably won't
    have enough people playing to separate the league into skill levels. These
    rules are more or less to protect the players that aren't as polished yet.
    If this seems to be a problem with anyone or if you just have any general concerns, you know where to reach me...rollerhockey@rpi.edu

7/14/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    Believe it or not I've already gotten a response from the administration people that I emailed yesterday. Here is what Kerry Quinn had to say:

    On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Kerry J Quinn wrote:


    I am responding to your email pertaining to roller hockey @ Rensselaer as
    Bob Ducatte, athletics director, will be out of the office until 7/20/98.
    You mentioned below there was a suggestion to consider the field house as a
    practice/playing surface for this activity. I would suggest you contact
    Kathy Edick, Director of Auxiliary Support Services, to discuss this
    possibility further. Kathy handles all scheduling of the field house.
    Kathy's email address is edickk@rpi.edu.


    Kerry J. Quinn
    Associate Athletics Director, Business
    Alumni Sports and Recreation Center, Room 216
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Troy, New York 12180
    (518)276-8997 fax
    Athletics Web: http://www.rpi.edu/dept/athletics/

    To which I responded:

    Hi Kerry and thanks for the surprisingly quick response. I had been
    contact before with Steve Allard about using the Sharp tennis courts as a
    surface to play rollerhockey on. Obviously, we were told that playing
    rollerhockey on the Sharp courts was not even remotely possible. I don't
    want to sound ungrateful or anything, but the Field House isn't as readily
    available as the tennis court or other outdoor court areas. If there were
    an outdoor courted area that could be used for rollerhockey, we would have
    the oportunity to host a greater number of tournaments(possibly) and make
    some $$ for the school. The ususal charge per team is about $250-$325.
    Depending on the number of teams participating and number of allowable
    players per team. It seems reasonable to assume that at least 4-5 teams
    would be able to attend a tournament. So it stands to reason that the
    total "revenue" we could make would be in the neighborhood of $1200.
    From that we would need about $200 or so to get prizes or trophies for the
    winner of the tourney. The RPI Club In-Line and Rollerhockey should be
    able to use some of the money to purchase supplies for itself as it may be
    traveling to participate in other collegiate tournaments as well. I would
    think no more than $150-$175 The rest would then go to the school, I
    think. Keep in mind I have NO IDEA what I talking about here. I'm just
    throwing out a suggestable means of going about the inception of RPI
    Rollerhockey. Because RPI is so involved in research and acedemic
    development, I wouldn't expect that much if any financial support from the
    school, eventhough we are recognized and a Student Union sponsored club.
    I will be getting in contact with Kathy Edick soon and anxiously await
    her response. I hope that in the future there will be some room for an
    RPI Rollerhockey facility here on campus. Thanks.

    Now here's what I wrote to Kathy Edick:

    Hello Kathy, my name is Rich Dunne, the president of RPI's Club In-Line
    and Rollerhockey. I was told to get in contact with you about using the
    Houston Field House as a possibly facility for our club to use for
    rollerhockey. I've already spent ample time voicing my opinion to various
    other RPI Sports and Building Administators such as Dan Fridgen, Bob
    Keyes, and Robert Dugatte. I've also contacted Kerry Quinn, Steve Allard
    and now I've gotten referred to you. Here's the scoop and where RPI
    Rollerhockey stands right now... Towards the end of last semester(Spring
    '98), I was in contact with Steve Allard about using the Sharp tennis
    courts as a possible rollerhockey facility. It was explained to me that
    this would not be a possibility but there might be a chance of using the
    Field house as a place to play. This never became a possibility as I fell
    out of contact with Steve and student support expectedly dwindled as
    finals approached. I would like to get the ball rolling on having the
    Club In-Line and Rollerhockey use the Houston Field House as it's
    rollerhockey facility for that fall semester as long as it is not use for
    the Men's Ice Hockey Team (ie. while there is no ice). It is my
    understanding that the ice does not go down until late September or
    mid-October. If we get moving now, I feel that by the first week in
    September, we will have more than enough student support to fashion an
    intramural rollerhockey league. I have already tried to compile a rule
    book pertaining to the formation of an intramural league. This "rule
    book" as well as many other items are posted on the RPI Rollerhockey Web
    Page listed below. I would like to hear your response on the following
    1. The possibility of our club using the RPI Field house as a
    facility to play rollerhockey.
    2. The possibility of forming an intramural rollerhockey league,
    pending student support.
    3. The possibility of any financial support from the Student Union
    and/or RPI itself.
    4. The possible future of an RPI Rollerhockey facility on campus.
    (I realize that I'm pushing my luck, but I'd just like to get your opinion
    on the subject.)

    Your cooperation is vitaly important to the future development of RPI
    Rollerhockey. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Please visit the RPI Rollerhockey web page at:
    for more information. Thank you.

    All of these emails being sent back and forth may be posted on a seperate page in the future so that they will be eaiser to view and manage. But for now, this is all you're gonna get.

    I have also gotten some responses from a few people that would like some responsibility with the inner-workings RPI Rollerhockey. Once I get in contact with the administration people and decided what positions are needed, I will let everyone that has expressed an interest know.

    Right now I am going to turn my attention to developing an RIRHL Rule Book that we can use to base a new Intramural Rollerhockey League on. Like I sadi before, the rules for intercollegiate rollerhockey are pretty much uniform throughout all of the college hosted tournaments around the area, so I'll leave those rules alone. The RIRHL Rule Book will be developed on-line at:


    Any suggestions you all might have on rules and regulations will gladly be taken into consideration.

7/13/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    Well for what has so far been for me a boring and tedious summer, I've finally taken action and gotten off my lazy ass to try and get RPI Rollerhockey in motion for next semester. I have submitted an email to the "Big Wigs" of RPI Athletics the likes of which include RPI Men's Ice Hockey Coach Dan Fridgen, Financial Coordinator of Union Clubs Steve Allard, Associate Athletics Director, Business, Athletics Kerry Quinn, Athletics Director Robert Ducatte, and Building Supervisor Bob Keyes. Hopefully some of these people will respond with some positivity and we can then try to forge ahead through the infancy of RPI Rollerhockey.

    Here is a copy of the email I have already sent these people:

    Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 22:34:36 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Rich Dunne <dunner@rpi.edu>
    To: Steven M Allard <allars@rpi.edu>
    Cc: dunner@rpi.edu, Kerry J Quinn <quinnk@rpi.edu>,
    Daniel J Fridgen <fridgd@rpi.edu>, Robert Ducatte <ducatr@rpi.edu>,
    Robert E Keyes <keyesr@rpi.edu>
    Subject: Roller Hockey At RPI...

    I hope you still remember who I am becausde it sure has been a while. I
    came in to talk to you a few times towards the end of the semester abtou
    using the tennis courts as a place to play rollerhockey. Does any of this
    ring a bell? Anyway, I'm living in the area for the summer and I thought
    it would be a good idea to get a head start on things for the new school
    year. I remember you mentioning us (RPI Club In-Line and Rollerhockey)
    using the Field House as a possible area to play rollerhockey. Is this
    still a possibility? I would like to get people in there and playing as
    soon as the semester begins if at all possible. This way, we'll be able
    to judge whether or not the concrete floor is a good enough surface for us
    to play on. I'm sure that it will be but I'd just as soon check it out
    myself. I'm working right now on putting together the RPI Rollerhockey
    Team Web Page so that we can try to get as many people as possible
    interested in this exciting sport. I also remember you telling me of
    another athletic director that tried to start a rollerhockey league some
    years ago but failed due to low student support. I have a strong belief
    that the student support has arrived. I have accumulated a web page of
    interested rollerhockey players posted at:


    I will contact these people in the next few days and let them know that we
    have voiced our opinion on roller hockey here at RPI.

    It annoys me, and even angers me to some degree, to see that other
    colleges in the Norhteastern US have had assembled rollerhockey teams for
    years and years. Practically none of these schools have any reputation or
    commitment to hockey as a like RPI does. Just this past NHL year for
    instance, two former RPI standouts, Joe Juneau and Adam Oates played
    together on the Washington Capitals for the Stanley Cup. When I tell my
    friends, "Hey, that guy went to RPI.", they all roll there eyes in
    disbelief. This is the problem that I'm talking about. Most of the
    people outside of the Div 1A Men's Ice Hockey world don't even know that
    matter. By putting together a rollerhockey program that can soon compete
    intercollegicly and let the other schools out there that RPI has a great
    legacy and an even greater future in the sport of hockey.

    Sorry about that,... I just had to get that off my chest. But as you can
    probably imagine, there are many other students that feel as strongly as I
    do about the sport of hockey and it's future development here at RPI in
    the form of a representative roller hokey team that can compete against
    other schools. I'm not expecting this to become a huge success or
    participation magnet right away, but I'm sure that as ore people learn of
    the teams existence, the involvement of RPI students will grow just as
    quickly. All I ask, is that we get the chance as a club/intramural sport
    first, and see where that leads us.

    If at all possible, I would love to hear from any of you at you earliest

    Rich Dunne
    108 25th Street
    Troy, NY 12180
    (518) 274-3303

    I'd like to thank you all for the support and consideration you've already
    given to our club.

    As for where we stand right now? I have already gotten some interest from a few incoming freshmen, believe it or not, that have contacted me via email. I will of course get to these people eventually, but as for now, I'd like to talk about more pressing issues.

      1. We have to get togther an up to date list of people that will be around next semester (Fall '98) so that I can submit this list to the aforementioned people and get RPI Rollerhockey started throught the gauntlet of red tape that bounds to ensue.

      2.Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that feels compelled to email the people above, please feel free to do so. The more interest they hear about from RPI students, the better chance RPI Rollerhockey has of becoming a reality.

      3.I will be offering another page on the web that you may use to "register" yourself as a memeber of the RPI Club In-Line and Rollerhockey. This is not going to be around for a while so don't worry about it for now.

      4.I am looking to have Rollerhockey as an intramural sport for this fall. This will prove to be a very important starting point for the development of RPI Rollerhockey and it's future here at RPI. We must have the FULL SUPPORT of all students interested in participating in RPI Rollerhockey. Once I hear from the administration people that I have emailed, I will post their replies and let everyone know as soon as I can. Once again, ANYONE that is interested in helping with the initiation of RPI Rollerhockey into the Intramural sports programs can contact me via email. You're help is already greatly appreciated.

    I am also in the process of compiling a "rule book" that we may use both for starting the RPI Intramural Rollerhockey League (RIRHL, or whatever other name you'd prefer) and also use for hosting any tournaments in the future. Actually, it might be better to setup 2 seperate rule books, one for intramural game and one for intercollegiate games. Most of the rules for intercollegiate games have been pretty much consistent throughout the course of last year's tournaments, so we might just want to grab some of those for our own and see about the rest of them. I'll be posting those rules for you to look at also.

4/14/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    Sorry about the one day notice concerning last weekend, but we had a good amount of people show. Anyway, I'm in the process of trying to get us to be able to play in the Fieldhouse for a few days before the semester is over. I won't hear until Wednesday but I'll keep everyone up to date. If we do get permission to use the Fieldhouse, we might need to sign some injury waiver or something. Either way, it shouldn't be a problem. But we will be "evaluating" the Fieldhouse and it's capabilities to host a possible future tournament. Everyone's opinions and comments are more than welcome. The way I see it, we have (realistically) 2 weekends left, and for some people only 1, to get some of this rollerhockey in effect. I'll definitely be there for this weekend and next weekend as well. Hopefully, everyone can make it.

3/31/98 -- Posted by Bankim Tejani
    For those who are wondering, the Tournament in Baltimore will be played with an IDS puck. I have one if you would like to see one.

3/31/98 -- Posted by Bankim Tejani
    Please let us know by Thurs. 4/2 if you can play in the April 11 & 12 Tournament. This needs to a definite answer, so that we can submit a roster, and collect money for the team fee. Thanks!

3/31/98 -- Posted by Rich Dunne
    First things first. I would have to say that last Sunday's game at Sharp was quite a success. I was pleased to see so many people show up. In fact, for those of you who were at the game, there were actually too many people for the amount of space we had. I'd have to say about 20 or so people actually showed which is very reassuring. Hopefully the next time we have a game or practice we could get some more people and get 2 games going at the same time. Have like a little tournament thing. Who knows... I'm trying to make this like a bulletin board where everyone can post stuff or make comments and such. I'll let you all know when I've got it working.

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