"The Web" Project Design Document

Group Members:

Dave Lewison, Amal Rastogi and Dan Hutchinson

We chose the RPI Radio Control Club's page as our final web project. This is a page that I've (Dave Lewison) been
maintaining for the past year, and I'll be the first to admit that it needs a lot of work. Aside from the rather ugly graphical presentation of animated horizontal rules and un-resized pictures, this page doesn't present its information in a clear and concise way. There's just a list of links below the main purpose statement with no grouping whatsoever. This makes it hard to find the information you're looking for. The other pages on this site are bare in terms of graphics and information and aren't terribly useful to the audience of members and prospective members. As I see it, there are lots of opportunities for improvement of this page, possibly even doing a complete overhaul of the entire site.
A proposal of what we think would make a good R/C page is as follows:
Audience Purposes
Current Club Members
  • An information source containing latest happenings in the club and in R/C in general
  • Calendar of events graphically depicting scheduled dates and times
  • Meetings schedule list
  • Officer and member directory with e-mail addresses and phone numbers
  • Links to other popular R/C sites
  • Archive of downloadable R/C software, newsgroups and images
Prospective Club Members
  • To find out general and specific information about the RPI R/C Club
  • Membership information (how to join, who to contact, where to meet, membership dues, etc.)
  • E-mail link or form submittal to contact club officers
Fellow R/C'ers (not at RPI)
  • Find out about local R/C events
  • Access the software and image archive
  • Find out about R/C in general
  • Contact officers/members with questions or comments
The general layout of this site would be mainly graphical image maps and navigation bars through the use of frames, paying careful attention to the "flow" of the site from one page to another. We would try to cut down on annoying animated GIFs unless they really enhance the page and we would take into account image file size and downloading times for those of us without fast T1 internet connections.