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Who we are and what we do:

The Radio Control Club is an organization for anyone interested in radio controlled models, sometimes referred to as "remote controlled" models. The club owns all the equipment necessary for members to build and operate models. We have a building room in the basement of Sharp Hall which is always open to provide members with a convenient place to work on models. The club has an agreement with the Schagticoke Propbusters to allow us to fly at their field. Currently, the club is involved mostly with aircraft, but those interested in other types of models (cars, boats, etc) are welcome to join also. New members are always welcome.

Equipment we have:

Currently, the club owns several airplanes, both gas and electric. Members are welcome to take any of these planes out to fly provided they abide by our only rule: you break it, you fix it. At least three members of the club are available for training sessions where you can learn to fly using a "buddy cord" with little risk to the airplane. You can also rent out one of our two R/C flight simulators. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the standard controls of an R/C aircraft. Here's a list of the our airplanes currently in flying condition:
Click on a link for a picture of the airplane:

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Becoming a Member:

There's only one step involved in becoming a member of the RPI Radio Control Club. Simply e-mail one of our officers and they'll tell you what to do. The current membership dues for the entire year are $20. This can be paid either by cash or billed to your student account.
You can also join our Mailing List by filling out a form.
Membership benefits include:

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