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Assalamualaikum and Greetings to netizens everywhere.

This is another attempt (after Apit and Paklie left) to create the Terminal magazine onto the web.

Our niche will be the creation of a yearbook-like website in order to keep records of the on going activities. These records will stay there as long as there are Malaysians in the community. This will let history built itself. An alumni side of the story will be an add-on.

This website will fit into the community by having everybody to contribute something from articles like short stories, poem, cartoons, recipes, to information about current and past members. We will also include a multi purpose feedback page. These pages (as they are right now) are just samples of those to come.

We also hope to see this website transfered to an independent and more permanent account soon. An independent account with the Union (not on a personal account as it is now) will allow us to have multiple access for ease of updating informations.

- Azhan & Madi

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