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Words from the President

“Life is confusing.” “I won a table-tennis competition but I missed going up on the rostrum to receive recognition because I did not hear my name being called out. Talk about missed opportunities.” “....for some reason unknown to me, they (my parents) think I am here busting my behind trying to learn something.” “....I will try my best for the benefit of my religion, country, family, etc.”

Is it time to sell? If the time has come, so be it. If it were that easy, I wouldn’t have to ponder my stride. I find myself having to justify my actions. Justification comes easily, itself being adjustable to fit my needs and wants. I try to warn myself that I might just be tricking myself, but how can I fight this notion if I truly believe, even if just for one moment? So, I sell. Now I am richer in one aspect, at least. Sure, I part with a small portion in commission and/or taxes. Now I have to pass this loot to my boss because I didn’t buy it with my own money in the first place. He won’t find out for some time. In the meantime I can enjoy myself. Maybe I’ll reinvest it and use it for some greater good. I should have double-checked well before selling, for I also own options which could have expired long ago. Or could it have been a good blue chip which would have yielded a tidy annual dividend. Buy it back? The market did not wait for my decision. I am just one.

Mimpi-mimpi pada waktu malam ataupun siang, kadang-kala dilupakan begitu sahaja kerana tidak difahami atau sengaja tidak diendahkan. Sesekali saya terfikir, apakah makna mimpi: adakah perlu ditafsir, diingati, dan ditauladani? Jika benar mimpi itu membawa makna, saya patutlah membuat persediaan sebelum mata terlelap, supaya mimpi tidak terluput dengan mudah setelah jasad kembali sedar. Selama saya hidup, saya pernah menemui mimpi 1259 kali. Tetapi bilangan tersebut hanyalah yang dapat saya ingati, tak termasuk mimpi-mimpi yang tidak saya ingati atau yang tidak saya sedari. Mimpi adalah mimpi. Mungkin saya hanya bermimpi yang saya bermimpi yang saya bermimpi. Saya menyelongkar fikiran, bertengkar dengan akal, mencari bukti, untuk meyakinkan diri.

Comments from you is very much appreciated.

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