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The RPGC Library has not yet been established.  It will hold role-playing game materials and magazines to be lent out to members.  This page will eventually hold an online listing/catalog of its contents.

Currently proposed additions

My current vision for the RPGC Library is to start by purchasing the base player's book for a wide range of games, so that people who want to try a new system can do so without a large commitment. It is expected that if you use a book regularly, you will make an attempt to purchase it for yourself. Also, some of the games listed are out-of-print, and may be difficult to find. If it seems to be too difficult or costly to obtain a book at a given point, it will sadly not be included in the library at that time.

After having purchased the base player's book for the majority of systems that people are interested in, we could (if we want to) expand to supplements (class/clan books, etc.) or GM books.

This page last updated by David Carr (carrd@rpi.edu) on March 4, 2002.