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RPGC Executive Committee Mailing List

To contact the RPGC Executive Committee, email RPGC-ecomm-l@lists.rpi.edu


Title Name Email Phone
President of the RPGC David Carr carrd@rpi.edu x7363
Vice-President of the RPGC Janet Rivera riverj@rpi.edu x7974

Other RPGC Positions:

Title Name Email Phone
Room Reservations Chair Marshall Vandegrift vandem2@rpi.edu  
Head Graphical Designer Matthew Giacomazzo giacom@rpi.edu  

RPGC Membership Mailing List

To contact the current membership of the RPGC, email RPGC-L@lists.rpi.edu

To be added to the RPGC mailing list, follow this link or email RPGC-ecomm-l@lists.rpi.edu to be added.

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