BLACK LAWS a most important message for thought

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Posted by Gaylord Minett on October 29, 1998 at 03:21:20:

I was active wiht the Northern Illinois University Black Student Union from 88-91 graduated 91 BS Econ./Fina. The thought that I would like to express to you all is one which my father has always told me and one in which I did not fully understand the meaning of until I was a man. It goes like this.

Everything that exist, exist according to its own laws. Q. Can eagles live, survive and thrive as eagles by living by the laws of sparrows? No. Can dogs live, survive and thrive as dogs by living by the laws of cats? No. Can men live, survive and thrive as men by living by the laws of women? No. Did native americans live survive and thrive as native americans by living by the laws of Euorpeans (whites)? No. Did Jews live, survive and thrive as Jews by living by the laws of Germans? No. Then how can Black people expect to ever get ahead, live, survive and thrive for Black people by living strictly by the laws of whites? We haven't we won't and never will. Black Laws for all Black people is the only way.

Now I'm not talking about written laws, Im refering to unwritten culture laws. Laws which are naturally in the minds of every nationality of people on earth. Except Black Americans. Are Black Americans the only freaks of the human race and nature.

Culture laws: A races unwritten thoughts; the innate thoughts that all nationalities of people world wide has and use to unify, empower and create order, harmony and happiness among their entire race.

Unwritten laws are a races most important laws. They are the laws that keep whites employed in this country more than blacks. They are the laws that give white people apartments and houses in choice neighborhoods and not blacks. Along with countless other examples. Black people must acquire a better understanding and respect for the word laws (unwritten laws first) if we are to ever attain true freedom in this country. Law and order. Laws create order and that is the main things that is lacking in the black community STRICT ORDER. Understanding and embracing this simple concept has created power, order and understanding in my life as well as the lives of countless other black people throughout the world.

Understanding the power of Laws (unwritten) can save you from many confusion and depression. It will give you the power to understand why opposite races mainly whites do unjust things to you(Blacks). If you understand culture laws you will know the answer and will be able to continue your fight without thinking that you were the reason for your temporary let down. Keep on fighting never stop and keep studying, thinking and asking the question, Why? Dig deep and find out true reasons and answers. Stay strong my younger brothers and sisters. Remember what they did to our ancestors, grit your teeth and draw strength from our ancestors to continue fighting. FIGHT. BLACK LAWS FOR ALL BLACK PEOPLE IS TRULY THE ONLY WAY. REMEMBER THE UNWRITTEN LAW IS THE MOST DEADLY AND POWERFUL WEAPON THAT ANY RACE HAS, WE MUST NOT CONTINUE TO BE THE LAWLESS (WEAPONLESS) RACE. IF WE CAN INSTITUTIONALIZE THIS MOST SIMPLE CONCEPT WE ARE FREE. ITS TRULY ALL IN THE MIND. STAY STRONG. BLACK LAWS.

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