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Posted by Sista4Christ on May 17, 19101 at 12:58:57:

In Reply to: PLEASE HELP ME IN THE NAME OF ALLAH posted by almadad01 on April 19, 19101 at 09:48:24:

Sorry to hear that my brotha, I hope that you stay strong.

: Dear Muslim Brothers.

: Assalam O Aleikum!

: With respect, I come as a Muslim brother, of 28 years of age, born in Mozambique, to try to
: illustrate the chaotic state that I am at the moment, specially the psychological aspect, requesting
: your intervention onto my situation.

: Suddenly without understanding how, my life suffered a mishap that reached unimaginable
: dimensions. My life elapsed from a harmonious way in all the aspects namely, business, family
: environment and health, as well as the relationship with friends.

: Everything capsized in successive economic gaps, businesses with highly minus results and a
: series of badly stopped credits for paying, being the interests (RIBA) the reason of my economic
: setback.

: The badly stopped credits that I mentioned where related with loans received to purchase material
: and machines to the factory that had been granted a very onerous interests (RIBA) that due to a
: delay in the payments and the depreciation of our currency (metical) in the order of 25/40 % year,
: the interests were re-capitalized, resulting in a very upper debt than the initial capital of 1.8 million
: Dollars (one million, eight hundred thousand dollars), even after eliminated the debt partially.

: I would like to enhance that the previously alluded businesses, result of an activity assumed for the
: family throughout the generations, more concretely, since 100 years, representing in this mode a
: responsibility fallen onto my shoulders special the prestige owned by ancestral.

: Due to the circumstances mentioned above and because of the pressure of concerns that affects
: me psychologically, my health is getting worse, my character and my family environment, changed
: and consequently I became more quarrelsome, intolerable and this instead of improving, is
: worsening the fetching of solutions for my problems.

: When the partners that encircle me founded out the affliction and bad situation I am into, they start
: taking advantages in the businesses selling the goods I sale in low quotations and usurping in the
: goods that I intend to acquire.

: Based in the practical knowledge that has been useful in these cases our SHARIAT and its
: servants and the positive intervention of institutions and individual peoples that like you lead, and
: loyal to the principles of the HOLY QURAN and in the words of Our Magnificent Prophet
: MUAHMMAD (SAW) that has acted decisively and opportunistically in the solutions of
: occurred negative cases that happened with other Muslim brothers I decided to deliver my
: destination onto your hearts requesting your support.

: If necessary I may pledge my properties to compensate the value that I will be authorized in case of
: partial or total insolvency of the credit (loan).

: Despite being the support requested (Insha Allah) mainly economical e.g. Al-Quard-Al-Hassan
: (Benevolent Loan) or other which not include RIBA, I would like to make myself available to receive
: other supports such as advices and prays (DU`UAS), my E-mail address is:

: Certain that my appeal will fall deeply in your heart, please accept my sincere JAZAK ALLAH.


: Wassalam,

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