1. To strive to build a more unified minority community as well as provide diverse programming of cultural activities to encourage a more broader base of student involvement in BSA activities (i.e. active non-minority students).

    2. Provide social and recreational activities for our members and encourage the use of the Black Cultural Center.

    3. Encourage the institute to actively recognize and participate in celebrations of African American culture and pride such as Martin LutherKing Jr.'s birthday, Black Awareness Week, and Black History Month.

    4. Accurately capture the organizations programs in our history (i.e. scrap books and web page usage)

    5. Increase efforts towards increasing actual membership numbers and membership participation in BSA activities

    6. Seek non-traditional and unique venues by which to increase BSA's exposure to Rensselaer and its surrounding community.

    7. Increase community service efforts by encouraging membership to take an active role in Troy/ Capital District Area.

    8. Assist the Office of Minority Student Affairs in recruitment and retention efforts.

    9. Become more conscious of and active in political issues that involve the interests of the BSA membership.

    10. Develop a stronger relationship between the BSA Executive Board and the general membership such that both parties needs are met and the organization functions effectively.

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