B l a c k  C u l t u r a l  C e n t e r 

Black House sometime during the warm months

Applications to fill the two free rooms in the black house in the fall are due by April 30, 1998!!!

Origins of Black House

In the school year of '71-'72, 41 9th Street Troy New York was allocated to the RPI Student Union, for an indefinite period of time, to be used as a Black Cultural Center or "Black House" as the minority students of RPI affectionately call it. This deal was outlined in several documnets-spefically the original agreements made around 1972-1973. The RPI Union initially financed necessary safety changes and renovations to the property. This worked totalled $18,000 and was planned with the assistance of the RPI Business Affairs Office. This amount  was then amortized by the rental of approximately four student dormitory spaces over the course of ten year. Rental rates were tied to the rates for comparable Institute housing. As an annex to the RPI Union facilities, the Union was responsible for the policy and procedure concerning the buildings specific use. The union was also responsible for the optional improvements as well as normal housekeeping and abnormal damages. Normal maintenance, heat, utilities, and liability/fire insurance were provided under normal Institute procedure. The Union recognized that all Institute facilities were subject to relocation in terms of overall needs. The Institute agreed to make reasonable effort to secure comparable facilities had it been necessary to relocate the facility for other use, By 1981, $18,000 was paid back to the RPI Union and the current Memorandum of Understanding had expired.


The purpose of the Black Cultural Center is to provide an expression of the black identify and a sense of the black cultural experience both in living and through art and history. The center also functions as a place for both blacks and non-blacks to come together and learn more about African-American culture and the black experience. The center will provide a focal point and establish a common ground between black culture and other cultures on campus. The BCC will serve as a place of assembly, study, recreation. As such, the center will be an area in which black students can feel at home and with which they can identify. This shall provide an outlet from pressures of being black on a predominantly white campus.

 Want to Know How To Get To The Black House????
Map to Black House
Black Cultural Center
 41 9th Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 276 - 5925

Current Facilities Coordinator:
Robert Cook '98

 Recent Events:
Febuary 28,1998 - Closing  Black History Month Cerimonies/Lock Down 6:00pm - Until Next Day
April 3, 1998 - SAGE Party @ BCC 10:00pm until?
April  11, 1998 - Mentor/Mentee "Movie Night" 7:pm till 10pm
April 25, 1998 - Basement clean up 11:00am till 4:00pm
                      -SHPE OutReach party 10:00pm till 2:00am
May 1, 1998    -  BSA party @ BCC 10:00pm until?

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