Dr. Prabhat Hajela

The Office of
Undergraduate Education
Walker Laboratory, Room 4010
Phone: 518.276.2244
Fax: 518.276.8062


   Rensselaer's success in developing new paradigms for teaching and learning technological subjects has received wide recognition for its effective and imaginative integration of computer technology in the classroom. Described as interactive learning, and embodied in the studio classroom model, technological education at Rensselaer has taken steps to move from the traditional passive learning paradigm of information transfer to a more student centered, active learning paradigm. In developing these new teaching and classroom models, Rensselaer has been able to integrate the kinds of student-teacher interactions that are traditional in Arts and Architecture education, with the delivery of complex technological subject matter.

   The importance of undergraduate education, and the desire to remain one of the foremost innovators in undergraduate education is recognized as an essential part of the Rensselaer Plan. The Plan calls upon us to provide an undergraduate experience that surpasses all others, employing the best that we have learned about multidisciplinary programs and interactive learning to create a world-class educational experience.

   The Office of Undergraduate Education is responsible for overseeing and building upon our proud tradition of technological education. Formed in 1982 as part of the Provost's office, the Office of Undergraduate Education works in concert with the five academic schools, and the Faculty of Information Technology on undergraduate issues. The principle areas of concern are student learning, quality of faculty teaching, academic advising, educational research and innovation, and curricula review. The reporting units are the Advising and Learning Assistance Center, the Anderson Center for Innovation in Undergraduate Education, and the Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units.


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