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How to Update Your Information

Information in the student directory is gathered from a number of different sources. In general, address and telephone number information is maintained by the Registrar's Office. Note that, if you live on campus and move between residence halls, the Office of Residence Life will automatically update your local address and phone number.

  1. Contact the Registrar's Office to update your on-campus information.
  2. Use the Student Information System (SIS), available from the RPInfo homepage, to:

  3. View your local information
    Update your permanent (or off-campus) address and phone number.

For those not entering through RPInfo, the SIS URL is http://sis.rpi.edu.

Click here to provide additional information, such as

    1. e-mail address
    2. web homepage
    3. fax number

After supplying your RCS user ID and password in response to the prompts, you will be able to enter your additions.

Note that unless you provide an e-mail address, the on line directory will not include your e-mail address and the printed directory.


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