Information Technologies Infrastructure

Cellular Vendor518-276-6000

Information Technologies Infrastructure is pleased to announce the selection of Sprint PCS as Rensselaer's preferred vendor for cellular telephone service. Cingular Wireless previously known as Cellular One has been chosen as an alternative vendor.

The Cellular selection committee was composed of staff from Information Technologies Infrastructure, Purchasing, Public Safety, Auxiliary Support Services, Campus Planning and Facilities Design.

If you would like to get Rensselaer rates you must contact the sales representatives for the vendor of your choice:

For information on Sprint's PCS Free & Clear Plan and additional equipment discounts call Sprint PCs contact Jeanne Pinckney 518-221-5434 (cell) or 518-518-0412 (fax).

For information on Cingular Rate Plans and additional discounts on employee personal orders, please contact Mark Gismondi at 518-894-2599 (cell), 518-381-7136 (fax), 381-7130 (office) or email mark.gismondi@cingular.com.

For information on Nextel and additional student discounts orders contact Mike Blivens at 518-862-6928 or email Michael.Bliven@nextelpartners.com or Diane Finn at 518-862-6956 (cell) 518-862-6901 (fax), Diane.Finn@nextelpartners.com .


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