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Campus Firewall

The campus network is protected by firewalls administered by DotCIO at the perimeter. Configuration varies by subnet, but generally all outbound connections are allowed and inbound connections are denied unless specifically required.

Requesting Firewall Changes

Before submitting a request for a firewall change please review the following guidelines:

  • Students on ResNet may run a personal web server (TCP port 80), by requesting and if they have obtained a static IP address. No other inbound services will be allowed through the firewall. No other change requests will be accepted for ResNET
  • If the requested service is to be provided to Rensselaer community members (faculty, staff, students), please have users use the VPN service rather than requesting firewall modification.
  • The VPN service requires an RCS account, but guest accounts can be sponsored for non RPI members which also may be more appropriate than general firewall changes.
  • Firewall change requests will only be considered if they are from a faculty or staff member (with the exception of port 80 to a ResNet IP address). Students requesting services should find the appropriate faculty or staff sponsor to submit the request.

Submitting a Change Request

Please submit the change request to fw-changes-l@lists.rpi.edu and include the following information:

  • IP address of server - must be a static IP address registered in RPI's DNS.
  • MAC address of server.
  • Physical location of server - building and room number.
  • Name and contact information for primary and secondary server administrator.
  • Description of service to be provided.
  • Application Protocol (TCP, UDP, other), port number(s).

Requests will be answered within 3 business days.

Requests may require sign off from additional personnel in your department.

As part of the request process the server may be scanned for vulnerabilities. Periodic scans may be performed to ensure servers are maintained following industry best practices. Servers that fail to stay current may have their firewall changes revoked.


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