Information Technologies Insfrastructure

Campus Modem Pool

Information Technologies Insfrastructure is pleased to announce an inexpensive way to dial-in to the Troy campus modem pool. This service can be used when you are out of town or traveling in the United States, and, while there is a small charge, you will find the cost is much less than using a calling card or other long distance service.

The charge, which is five cents per minute, will be billed to the same account as your long distance charges, such as your departmental or student account.

The telephone number for taking advantage of this new low dial-up rate is 1-888-647-3744.

Instructions for configuring your computer to use this number for dial-up are available on the Academic and Research Computing website, http://www.rpi.edu/computing. If you would like assistance, you can contact the consultants at the VCC Help Desk in person, via e-mail to consult@rpi.edu or by calling ext. 7777.

If you have any other questions about this service, please contact Nancy Williams of Information Technologies Insfrastructure at 518-276-6609.


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