Rensselaer Student Union

Every enrolled activity fee-paying student is a member of the Rensselaer Union, a self-supporting and a self-governing body that controls, finances, and organizes student activities.

The Union recognizes 130 service, media, religious, performing and visual arts, multicultural, athletic and extracurricular clubs and organizations; it also serves as a partner in intramurals and intercollegiate athletics providing operating budgets for all varsity programs. Students are responsible for the business operations of the Union, including the University Bookstore, a convenience food store, a post office substation, a full-service bank and a number of other retail operations. The Union works with student organizations to identify and carry out other projects that benefit the greater Troy community.

Student leaders at Rensselaer are elected in an all-campus student election each spring. The offices of Grand Marshal, established in 1866, and President of the Union, established in 1891, are the two most responsible positions. An Executive Board of students makes major budget decisions for the Union. The Student Senate is the chief legislative body for student government and draws representation from the entire student body.