Characterization of MOSFET Dosimeters Using Measurements and Monte Carlo Modeling

We have developed experimental and Monte Carlo modeling tools for characterizing metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) dosimeters for health physics and medical applications.


  • Wang B, Kim CH, Xu XG. Monte Carlo modeling of a high-sensitivity MOSFET dosimeter for low- and medium-energy photon sources. Med. Phys. 31(5): 1003-1008, 2004. view view
  • Wang B, Kim CH, Xu XG. Monte Carlo Modeling of the MOSFET Dosimeter and Its Application. ANS Transactions view view
  • Images and Results view view


  • 2003 ANS Annual meeting (San Diego) view view
  • 2003 CIRMS Annual meeting (NIST) view view